Selena Gomez gave her first  interview in 2020 inform to single life and her mental health


Singer Selena Gomez stated there are advantages to being unmarried.
“I like visiting my flat at the close of the day. Me and my puppy. I received the complete underwear scenario. I have been single for over a couple of decades now… I am OK with this,” Gomez told websites.

Gomez’s first new album in four decades debuts Friday known as unusual’.
The title track of this album,’Reduce You To Love Me’ has been a significant hit that many have speculated is all about her former beau and singer Justin Bieber.


The record also touched just how much Gomez has increased emotionally and also the continual self-work she places in.

She explained: “I’d low self-esteem, and that is something that I work on always,” she explained. “However, I feel empowered because I have gained so much understanding of what was happening emotionally. My highs were large, and my highs would take me outside.

Gomez included: “I discovered I do suffer from mental health problems. And, honestly, that has been a relief. I understood there was a method to locate people who you trust and to find help. I got to the ideal medicine, and my entire life was completely altered.”

The 27-year-old made headlines 2018 when she underwent a kidney transplant as a result of her continuing battle with Lupus.

Gomez has stated she’s cut back to the social networking platform.

“I took a rest Insta for a year, perhaps a year and a half. I would rather steer clear of whatever’s likely to cause me to feel as though s***. I got back (Instagram) since

“I had been releasing songs, but I only told my very best friend Courtney (Lopez) yesterday, I will need to take it off my phone soon. They know I have an addictive nature, and it could be unhealthy.”

For the time being, fans will just have to wait a mere 48 hours to get their rare glimpse into her life.