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Sekirei Season 3: Will you Get to See a Season 3

Sekirei is a Japanese dream sentiment anime TV series by Seven Arcs studio which depends on a manga series of a similar name. Composed and represented by Sakurako Gokurakuin, the manga series was first distributed on January 30, 2004. Now, the fans are looking forward to Sekirei Season 3.

It had an incredible run, and the series reached a conclusion over 10 years after the fact on March 16, 2018. A couple of years after the underlying distribution of the manga series, it was gotten to be made into an anime TV series.

In this way, on July 2, 2008, Season 1 of Sekirei initially advanced toward watchers’ screens. It was a prompt hit among lovers of the manga series and new watchers the same and was before long recharged briefly season. A few years after the fact, Season 2 debuted on July 4, 2010. From that point forward, fans have been hanging tight for news on Sekirei Season 3. Here’s the beginning and end we think about the possibilities of Season 3 so far.

The Plot of Sekirei Season 3

The show is set in Tokyo in 2020 and follows a splendid 19-year-old by the name of Minato Sahashi. In spite of his brightness, when Minato fails his school placement test twice, he is avoided by his loved ones, who all consider him to be useless. While Minato begins lowering considering the grim future in front of him. His life is changed significantly when a delightful young lady called Musubi in a real sense drops from the sky and enters his life.

Musubi’s unstable appearance leaves Minato puzzled, yet Minato before long finds that Musubi is one of the 108 “Sekirei“. Wonderful extraterrestrial humanoid ladies bound to a fairly merciless destiny wherein they need to battle each other. Sekirei is likewise known to search out people with the Ashikabi quality, and once a Sekirei kisses a particularly human, she excites unused forces in him.

Noticing Minato’s potential capacity, Musubi accordingly kisses him, making a strong connection among them. Before Minato can even deal with the new series of occasions in his day-to-day existence. He is shipped to the high-stakes universe of the Sekirei, wherein the Sekirei and their human Ashikabi accomplices should fight each other for endurance and incomparability in a fight royale called the “Sekirei Plan“.

Push into this brutal world, Musubi and Minato should invest in their best amounts of energy to sustain. Notwithstanding, unbeknownst to them is the way that there’s something undeniably more offensive lurking behind the Sekirei Plan.

As the show advances, Minato and Musubi arrive at the second phase of the fight royale. So, all things considered, Minato has an array of mistresses of Sekirei prepared to battle for him. As Minato, Musubi, and the others proceed with their battle for endurance. They come to realize that the “Single Numbers”, the most impressive kind of Sekirei, have entered the fight as well.

The Cast/Characters of Sekirei Season 3

Sekirei has many characters, and a modest bunch of these characters is viewed as integral to the show. Underneath, we’ve given you a short foundation on every one of the fundamental characters that you can expect in Sekirei Season 3.

Minato Sahashi:

The fundamental male hero of the show, Minato is a splendid 19-year-old learner. Regardless of his brightness, in any case, he strives to perform under tension. Consequently, he fails his college selection test twice. Following his disappointment, he is judged by his loved ones, and he lives alone in Tokyo with nobody to call a companion.


The fundamental female heroine of the show, Musubi is one among the 108 Sekirei. She comes into Minato’s life by in a real sense dropping out of the sky and makes him her Ashikabi by kissing him. Musubi is Minato’s first Sekirei and is demonstrated to be positive. Yet innocent individual, who is the most immature among the entirety of Minato’s Sekirei.


Another fundamental character in the show, Kusano is Minato’s second Sekirei and calls him “Onii-chan” which implies a more established sibling. Kusano is childlike and doesn’t care for battles by any means, and can frequently be seen attempting to stop battles. All things considered, Kusano has control over plants and can make them develop.


Minato’s third Sekirei, Matsu is a PC expert and programmer who has a whole organization of satellites and spying gadgets at her order. Therefore, she can collect huge measure of data, which regularly ends up being essential during fights.


Minato’s fourth Sekirei, Tsukiumi initially reached Minato through his fantasies, taking steps to kill him. At the point when she met Minato be that as it may, the 19-year-old figured out how to influence her to get one of his Sekirei.

The Release Date of Sekirei Season 3

After almost 10 years have slipped by from that point forward, Sekirei Season 3 has not been formally declared at this point.

However, an unknown client who professes to work at the Seven Arcs studio as of late stated that the studio had plans to make Sekirei Season 3. The client likewise delivered a bunch of uncertain numbers, provoking fans to address the riddle and sort out the delivery date. In the event that the bits of rumor end up being valid, our most realistic estimation is that the Sekirei season 3 delivery date could be at some point in 2021 or 2022.

Final Words

I would encourage you to sit tight for an official declaration prior to getting your expectations up. The explanation is that almost 10 years have passed since Season 2 debuted, and it’s amazingly uncommon for an anime show to get reestablished after an extensive stretch. I am keeping my ears open for solid news on Sekirei Season 3, and I’ll refresh this part when I hear something.


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