Seetimaarr Review: Finally Mass Action Movie Became A Blockbuster Hit!

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Sports movies are always a big source of entertainment and that’s the reason why big studios are now focusing on the genre. Whether you love sports or not, but every time a person gets a big achievement, we get a proud feeling. Lately, the Olympics took place after so many years because the global pandemic has already postponed the 2020 Olympics. With many sportsmen achieving their dreams, India too got his first individual Gold Medal for the first time. With this, Sampath Nandi brings back his most awaited movie Seetimaarr which was released recently. 

Packed with action, sports, friendship, and love for the country, the movie is ready to be released on the OTT platform. The Tamil-Indian movie has already made the audience wait after it was delayed because of a global pandemic. 

What happens when you start to look for more satisfaction in your life? Your passion is what makes you awaited for all the success you have been waiting for. Karthik was a happy employee of the bank but when he thought of getting into Kabaddi, he didn’t know what consequences were waiting for him. 

The feeling is to make his father’s old dream successful and bring back the trophy to the school which was built by his father. His only dream is to get the national trophy of kabaddi by any means.

Gopichand’s long awaiting movie is finally released and his fans are happy to see him back in action. South Indian films are known for their action and drama and who wouldn’t love killing all those bullies who always make your fun?

After Seetimaarr was released on the OTT platform, fans were curious to know what this movie is all about and we’ll help you to find out. Read the honest review of this new south movie and find what’s all the fuss about. 

Seetimaarr Review

Seetimaarr movie review

This holiday season, Sampath Nandi brings back his original movie Seetimaarr which gives a perfect combo of sports and action movies. If you have watched Chak de India! Then you would know how much we, as Indians, are crazy over these kinds of films. The movie centers on Karthik (played by Gopichand) who is having a normal life by working in a bank. A full-time employee of the government bank, he later decided to make his own kabaddi team. In the way, he found out that there are many loopholes in the sports federation, and to achieve his father’s long-lost dream, he decided to step in.

The movie starts with an amazing start, making the audience believe that this would be one of the best-known movies for the Tamil cinema. This Festival season, Sampath has finally released his long awaiting movie for the audience which is absolutely amazing. 

I have seen numerous comments and appreciation for the movie and it totally did justice to it. 

The movie follows Karthik who pulls up all the girls of Andhra Pradesh and decides to show the world the power of Kabaddi. On the other hand, Jawala Reddy (Played by Tamannah) does something similar in the state of Telangana. Both the stars have amazingly performed their roles but I feel something is off the road for Tamamnnah. The movie shows her long Tamil accent in some kind of off-beat and there is already limited screenplay and dialogues prepared for her. I really hoped to see her side of the story in the movie but unfortunately got nothing in hand.

Through trailers and promotional videos, the audience already knows that the movie will be a perfect mass action movie. Even if you are not a big fan of these actions that sometimes look fake, you will eventually love them. I would be wrong if I did not appreciate the action of this movie this time but sometimes the overaction makes no sense. 

Like what’s the need for dancing in between a serious fight? Like, have you seen this? Two people, who completely hate each other and are ready to absolutely kill are suddenly dancing to an Item song. 

Is it Worth Watching?

Seetimaarr movie updates

We have already watched tons of movies that follow girls in sports and there is something always great about such movies, But on the other hand, we can’t deny how these movies also follow the stereotype and often doubt the women’s empowerment issue. This thing will go on for a long time and I think this isn’t the right time to talk about it. 

Filled with action that looks amazing in the movie, the movie is also great when it comes to the sports genre. However, the writers have just used the game as a part of the story and didn’t elaborate the whole thing. In reality, the movie follows the Tom and Jerry fight between the lead and the villain. If you are planning to watch the movie just for the purpose of the game then I recommend you don’t. The movie has more action scenes as compared to a particular game. 

Also, if you hate sexism and dramatic dialogue then this movie will definitely ask to take over your mind. Filled with songs like Pepsi aunty would definitely entertain you.

The movie is unpredictable so you are not getting the idea of what will be happening in the next scene until or unless you watch it. Also, the movie has been filming with top-notch acting and I think you can expect the best quality of action from Gopichand too.  

Is there any official Trailer for the Movie?

The official trailer of Seetimaarr has already released 2 weeks ago and fans were happy to see their favorite stars in the cinema again. The creators have released the movie on 10 September 2021 and fans are still wondering about the official trailer. Even though there is enough trailer for the movie, there are still many fans who haven’t got a chance to watch the official trailer. If you are one of them and by any chance missed the trailer then don’t worry. We are here with the official trailer of the movie and you can watch it on this page. 

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What are the ratings of the Movie?

The movie was released and fans have positively reacted towards the movie. For the first time, Just within 2 days, the audience came forward and reacted to the already released action-sports movie. Both the audience and the critics have reacted towards the movie and both of them have shown positive responses towards it. Starting with the critics rating, the IMDb rating of the movie is 8/10 which is a good one On the other hand the Hans India has rated the movie with 3/5 ratings only. 

Coming to the Audience rating summary, the audience seemed to be enjoying the movie and that’s the reason they have rated the show with 4.7 stars. The audience seems to be enjoying the movie and that’s the reason why in only 2 days, the movie has done great in every aspect. 

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