Seeking Sister Wife Season 4: Will there be Another Season?

As the name suggests, the shocking sister series ended its third season shockingly. The third season ended with a bittersweet ending, making the fans wonder about the possibility of another season. Everyone was talking about how the third season was scandalous and have a lot of controversies and this leads the fans to think if the officials will ever release the Seeking Sister Wife Season 4.

The reality show was officially released in 2018 and so far the show has released its three seasons. With the reality show, we know one thing and that it is going to run for multiple seasons. With the show like seeking a sister’s wife, anyone has predicted that it would be a success. However, the end of the third season opens the drastic changes in the show and the view of the audience.


The show is based on the popular hit series, Sister wives and you can see this from the name. The show follows around three families who are from different generations. The audience loved the Polygamous relationship since it explores the fantastical world.

In the series, we see that a man wants to have a relationship and for that, he explores his personal life. But will the series still focus on these issues or just ends its journey after the drastic season 3? Continue reading the article till the end and watch everything about the series.

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Seeking Sister Wife Season 4: Will there be Another Season to watch?

 The third season of  Seeking Sister Wife was released in 2018 and in the same year, the show was ended its third season. After it happens, we see a major setback of comments and critics claiming the series to be controversial. What happens in the third season was one of the contestants who showed up in the show released a statement regarding the issue.

She told to her Instagram followers that she is not having the best time with Simiotrui and this have caused huge problems in the relationship, as the series needed it came out as the light and with fans already wondering what would have happened between them, many people are wondering in the seriousness of the show. 

The series focuses on the Paligomy relationship and while many people don’t like such kind of flight relationship, many people think that it opens more doors to view themselves. Sadly, the people who follow this though are less as compared to those who don’t like the concept. Ashley told her fans that she is taking a break and it would take some time for her to get back to the whole relationship thing.  

Moreover, she told that she has ended her relationship with Christine and Dimitri. Now, this raises many questions among the fans and many are thinking of the show will ever going to be back or not.

Unfortunately, there are no updates from the officials. We don’t know whether the show will be back or not. The future of this series is still on hold and with the officials not telling anything about it, we think that it would be rare for the show to get back on the Screen.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4: When is it going to Release?

The third season of Seeking Sister Wife was something that would always be remembered. While the third installment follows a lot of twists and turns, we believe that the officials would need time to think about the future. 

With so many turning things in the finale season, there are so many things that make the series less likely to be back. The show has broadcast every single thing that makes it likely to return for another season but it looks like the fans are not taking it. Seeking Sister Wife receives heavy criticism from the critics and it ever gets low ratings from the Audience

Despite the show portraying the great image of Polygamous relationships and adding some of the happy family-like Winders, it seems like the fans are not fond of these things. These images were acting great until the showrunners came with the third season. With the home violation, mental torture, and physical abuse between the family members, the show triggers the feelings of multiple people. 

Ever since these things came on the Screen, fans are less likely to accept that the series will transfer for another season. Perhaps all of these things, the showrunners have never spoken of the series is canceled or will be featuring any other season.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 Cast: Who will be back?

As for now, there is no source for the information regarding the Cast. We have already seen that Seeking Sister Wife brings back new faces every year and if there would be a fourth season, it would bring someone new on the Screen.

The fans have left the show on a dark note, with so much drama getting on the screen, the audience doesn’t like to watch it at all. Also, after the airing of the fourth season, the ratings of the series decrease with the high ratio.

Many assumptions talk that Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 would be back and it would again feature the healthy lifestyle of the polygamous relationship. The global pandemic has affected the show and as it happens, the release date of the series got delayed. 

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Another season will bring back new faces that will again follow the same concept. It would be interesting to see if the series turning for another season or not. What do you think? Are you excited for another season? Follow Honknews and get all the recent updates about the world.

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