Stimulus Update: See What States Are Sending Checks in December

stimulus check update

Millions of Americans will get Christmas stimulus funds from their state governments. Some states offer stimulus cheques, while others provide a universal basic income. See whether your state is sending a December stimulus payout.


California’s Golden State Stimulus II program has begun distributing payments recently. Governor Gavin Newsom introduced this state stimulus package some months ago, using California’s progressive tax system to pay it. Another examination is anticipated before the year’s end.



First responders, pre-K-12 teachers, and individuals who satisfy the financial standards will get $1,000 stimulus payments in December. According to Governor Ron DeSantis, 175,000 teachers and 3,600 principals will be eligible. The state’s teacher retention program is an effort to retain instructors following a difficult year for educators.


Maine has begun distributing stimulus funds since Nov. 15. The $285 checks have now been given to over 500,000 individuals.


Maryland is providing assistance to low-income residents. Families will get $500 and individuals $300.

Some cities are also providing their own types of stimulus, as shown below.

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In Chicago, low-income families and individuals earning less than $35,000 annually get universal basic income. The program members are picked at random and paid in $500 cheques.


Since September, a universal income pilot program has paid $500 to 100 low-income dads.


Teenagers will get $350 monthly as part of Louisiana’s financial literacy program. The first payment is planned in December, and the program is intended to continue 10 months. To qualify, you must be aged 16-24, jobless, or not in school.


200 low-income Pittsburgh families may get $500 monthly for two years. The city is contemplating it as part of its COVID relief money allocation.


Santa Ana residents will get a Golden State stimulus boost. Reviving Santa Ana Resident Stimulus Program sends $6 million to the city’s disadvantaged communities. The $300 stimulus will be given to 20,000 Santa Ana rental units using prepaid Visa debit cards.


Seattle, Washington, has one of the nation’s most extensive state stimulus packages. Low-income municipal residents will be eligible for up to $3,000 in stimulus funds. Applicants have to be at least 18 years old and earn less than half of Seattle’s median income to qualify. Individuals pay $40,500, while a family of four pays $57,850.