Secret Wars: X-Men Can Return In Marvel Series? What Possibly Can Happen?

Secret Wars

Marvel is just getting bigger and bigger. Like they were just a comic book and now, every year, they come with as many films as one can’t even imagine. It’s a true dream for every marvel fan because who doesn’t want to get spoiled with their favorite movie franchise? Marvel has already filled the calendar for their upcoming years but fans are wondering if all these things are heading toward Secret Wars?

There are already a lot of rumors around the internet that interest the audience. Even the MCU has been teasing the fans that their movie series could have ended as Secret Wars. It could have been a perfect opportunity to debut X-Men in the Marvel series.

Marvel Phase 4 has been a great attraction for the audience. Now the Phase 4 has already a big focus because it’s all the movies that feature new characters which are making a great impact on the Marvel Series. 

Many new fans might get confused with a lot of Multiverse heroes and secret societies that have been coming every year. Actually, Marvel Cinematic Universe is based on the Marvel Comics book that was popular in early times. It’s not like there are no more comics, marvel comics has already been an active publisher, with their upcoming Avengers Forever getting a lot of hype.

After collaborating with Disney+, we are blessed to see more MCU Characters getting their individual movies and shows. This year we are blessed with Loki, Black widow, and Wandavision. 

All these characters have been translocated to their different dimensions, making the story more scientifically amazing. The different dimensional themes will make more sense after the 20th century acquired X-men will enter the game. Here is everything that would help you to understand everything. 

Secret Wars: What is it?

Secret Wars movie

Secret Wars is actually a Marvel comic book that was introduced in 1984. The series started to publish its comic book in the same year and the marvel comic book became the top bestseller comic of the company. Marvel could have never imagined that Secret Wars would ever become this big but in reality, it did. The comic became the most sold comic from the past 25 years. 

If you are new and haven’t heard about Secret wars then let us talk about it first. Secret wars are one of the major fights between all the characters of marvel that includes both Villains and superheroes. You can think of this somewhere like Avenger: Endgame but in Endgame, all the superheroes have to fight against the powerful Thanos. 

But here, things are different and more complicated than might confuse new Marvel fans. I personally loved the whole story because it cast everyone and besides fighting, the story focuses on the personal spaces of the superheroes and villains. With this in mind, fans have always been asking some questions and one of the frequently asked is “Why wasn’t there in Avengers: Endgame?”

This question has always been criticized by the fans as they have already been with the fans for a long. As the individuals’ superhero films have already shown differently.

Another Marvel Series, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is confirmed for its sequel. After we lost our legendary hero Chadwick we all knew that the series would be tough for everyone. It was until now that Marvel entertainment revealed the renewal of the series as the tribute at Chadwick. It would mean a lot to all the marvel fans to watch the movie but somewhere we all miss our hero.

Secret Wars: Can X-Man Possibly Return Back? 

Secret Wars Xmen

The new Marvel series have been lifting up the games of Marvel’s new dimensional world that have significantly helped the viewers to understand the new plethora world. The X-Men is surely one of the important characters of Marvel comics but having been owned by the 20th Century, the film was under their production for a long time. 

X-Men movies, no doubt are epic and have been a blockbuster hot form for quite a long time. The film features completely different timelines and sometimes things get mixed up which later makes the people more confused. 

Fans always wanted X-Men to be cast under MCU because there, the character might be in good hands and the entertainment could have possibly become more amazing. 

Having said that, Fans have been wondering if all the different dimensional games between these characters could have possibly ended up in the Secret Wars?

Secret Wars updates

If there would be a Secret Wars, we might get to see X-Men in Marvel. The thought of getting X-Men into the Marvel series has been an amazing feeling. With the latest news updates, Disney+ has acquired 20th Century films and now everything that the company owned will be under Disney. We know that Marvel has already collaborated with Disney and films like Loki, upcoming Spiderman: No Way Home has been famous under their platform. It gives hope to the people that these movies would have major changes and Disney would have renowned X-men under Marvel’s character. 

After Secret Wars news, another good news that makes the Marvel fans happy is about Iron Man 4. The famous Marvel Superhero series has been teasing the fans for quite a long time. After Avenger: Endgame happens, we all thought that there would be no more Iron Man in the picture. Well, read this article to get to know everything about the upcoming series in detail.

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