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Season 5 Lucifer will not join Netflix in April 2020

Lucifans has to wait for a new episode because Lucifer’s fifth season won’t air on Netflix in April 2020.

The coronavirus epidemic shook the entertainment industry. The film’s premiere was pushed back and production from various networks was interrupted indefinitely, including Lucifer on Netflix. However, we are not sure if this is the reason we waited at least a month for Lucifer.

The series is still in season 5 when the streaming network announced a sudden halt to protect the cast and crew from the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, but understandably, this means the fifth season is not over.

Netflix has just released a complete list of new shows and films that will be released in April 2020, and Lucifer Season 5 is not on that list. We hope to see Lucifer’s fifth season this spring, and that is still possible.

We may hear good news more closely or in April because there is still a good chance that Season 5, Lucifer 1, will air around May or June, which will be about a year after Season 4 starts.

I know fans are hoping for a spring release, but while we know Lucifer Morningstar is on its way, we will continue to wait patiently. Now, remember that season 5 must be divided into two parts. The first part may or may not be ready, but the second part may not.

The reason why Netflix isn’t ready to share the first episode might be because part one and part two aren’t too far away. If we all have dates when things are back to normal, Netflix has a better idea of ​​when is the right time for season five.

COVID-19 outbreaks can also result in season six not officially confirmed. Fans are waiting for official confirmation, especially after learning that Tom Ellis has signed a new contract. If you ask me, I think the official announcement is what fans should hear right now, but I’m digressing!

In the first four seasons of Lucifer Air on Netflix, we all watch favorite episodes while waiting to learn more. We will give you the latest news.



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