Season 3 of Star Trek Discovery is happening? 5 Significant Questions To Grasp About Its Fate


“Star Trek” is one of the numerous great-known and widely recognized American television series. Star Trek: The Story of Discovery serves events that correlate more to the USS Discovery’s group of characters over 900 years old in the future.

This Star Trek series is presented by Secret Television Studios in collaboration with Secret Trek and Roddenberry Entertainment. The series continued first ordered in February of the season 2019.

Now following a successful hit for the first and second installment of the series Star Trek Discovery among audiences worldwide, it has been confirmed that Star Trek Discovery will continue its story with its upcoming third installment for its set.

This will be good news for all fans of the film and also for those who like sci-fi related franchises. Everyone here knows about the upcoming season of the series.

Let’s summarize “Star Trek Series”

Release Time

So far we have not received any official confirmation about the release date of the new season, but as we look at the schedule:

The first season of the series was released in September of 2017, and the second half of the first season arrived in January 2018. The second season of the series was dropped in January of 2019.

This clearly shows that their schedule is designed for release at the first stop of the year (more chances in January), meaning that we may see the third installment of the series coming in the first half of 2020.


It has been confirmed that the main star cast, Seg Martin-Green, Doug Jones will be returning in the new season.

Some sources also say that Anson Mount (Captain Pike) signed a one-year contract, so, presumably, he will not return, but we may see Tig Notaro in the second season as well.

The Star of Syfy series, which includes stars such as Nightlife, David Azala, was recently announced for his arrival in the new series.

The Plot

The group of “USS Discovery” will be seen further in the original Star Trek series than before. It also indicates that a new story may be involved this time. The third season may be full of uncertain plots

The Trailer

The trailer of “Star Trek: Discovery” season 3 first appeared in New York Comic Con on October 5 in 2019.

This provides some clues about how to expect different lives for Burnham, Saroo and the rest of the crew, who now take them to 930 years in the future.

USS Disclaimer

The show’s protagonist ship was called “USS Discovery (NCC-1031)”. Executive producer Brian Fuller has also revealed the details and introduced the logo.

In case of a return to storage franchise television, the first look video of the latest flight of the USS Discovery, the latest Starfleet ship.


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