Scissor Seven Season 3: Release Date And What To Expect?

Scissor Seven Season 3

It is rare for anime which don’t originate in Japan to gain widespread recognition internationally. This stereotype was crushed by the Chinese anime Scissor Seven. The series gives a comedic and, at the same time, well-plotted twisted experience. The anime has been released on Bilibili, a region-locked Chinese Network. Netflix afterwards bought the license to release it on their network. It also goes by the name killer Seven.’ The episodes are approximately 15 minutes, which makes it an easy anime to binge. The animation and character art are impressive. Fight scenes in this anime series of the enormous attempts the productions have put into the plot, implementation, and production of the anime.

The anime was created and led by He Xiaofen. The first season premiered in 2018, which was shortly followed by another year in 2020. This was the first Chinese anime to be nominated in the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in 2018. Moreover, the anime has an international fanbase that’s rare for an anime from other states besides Japan. This is proof of the brightly illustrated and animated anime Scissor Seven. Following its global success in Season two, buffs are impatiently waiting for Netflix to renew its permit for the release of season 3.

Scissor Seven: Overview

Scissor Seven is a humorous blend of activity and supernatural powers. The story centers on Seven, an amnesiac barber from the afternoon and assassin by night. He is now 21, but he lost his memories at the age of 19. Before his memory loss, Seven was a callous killer and extremely strong. He had mastered the million demon daggers, a strong sword.

After his memory loss, seven has become a goofy bakadere personality who hardly completes his or her tasks. The story follows various hilarious experiences as Seven trains to become an assassin again from scratch. Scissor Seven consists of many gags in which Seven’s incompetence at his occupation is featured. This is extremely ironic, considering he was an expert assassin. Seven matches Thirteen, yet another assassin who he frequently flirts with despite her constant rejection and despises for him.

The show uses rib-tickling humour to develop the characters. As the story progresses, the series gradually enters the domain of secrets and justice. Seven displays a feeling of justice because he realizes how he doesn’t favour killing. To gather the facts about his past, he ends up focussing harder to become part of the Killer League.

Towards the end of year two, Seven has regained some sections of his memory. But a lot is yet to be revealed, giving out a lot of scope for the interesting plot for season 3.

Scissor Seven Season 3

Scissor Seven: Season 3 Release Date

The next season of Scissor premiered on Tencent Video in China on 21 January 2021. We are expecting Scissor Seven Season 3 to launch on Netflix around mid-2021; this is since it takes few months to release the English version in the western press, such as Netflix. We’ll keep you posted.

The anime announced it’s the third season soon after the conclusion of season 2. On 21 January 2021, the Chinese dub version premiered on Bilibili. Following this, 5 episodes of the anime had been released. The episodes with English subtitles aren’t available officially outside China.

Thus far, Netflix has made no remarks regarding their interest or disinterest in releasing the third season of this record-breaking anime. However, with the overwhelming fan strain, it feels like Netflix is going to be bound to update it shortly.

The episodes with no subtitles have leaked into different illegal sights. However, we strictly recommend streaming anime on real sites and networks to encourage the manufacturers and appreciate their efforts.

Scissor Seven: Season 3– What To Expect?

Scissor Seven is much more than just comedy. It’s an action series alongside some healthful romance between 7 and 13. The anime has some outstanding character improvements while retaining the puzzles and thrills on track. It is a list of genres that doesn’t end here. Scissor Seven also offers a whole lot of supernatural characters in the figures. Like 7’s ability to restrain scissors through his mind. Not to forget, Scissor Seven has some iconic details. One of the fan’s favourite detail is 7’s eyes turning red when he has serious.

The new season will unravel more from 7’s pasts as he embarks on his trip to get recruited in the Killer League. A lot many new gags are on the best way to make their way on the show to give the viewers an intense yet enjoyable experience. The trailer looks promising too. It does appear to be a lot of important characters will be showing up this season.


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