Schoolgirls Spanish Film: Where It Will Stream?


Do you all know about the Schoolgirls film which is a Spanish film and has 100% reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

Schoolgirls Film About

It is 2020 Spanish film which is also known as the girls this film is written and directed by and sharing on Pilar Palomero  and Natalia de Molina it is produced by Valerie Delpierre ,Alex Lafuente edited by Sofia Escude music is given by Carlos Naya.


It was released in the year 2020 on 23 February in Berlin international film festival and in the year 2020 on 4 September in Spain the running time is 97 minutes and the country is Spain language is Spanish and the budget of the film is 1.2€million

Schoolgirls Film Plotting

The updates has given the plotting of the film which is framed like there is a 11 year old girl Celia  studies at school in Spain in the year 1992 she was the good girl and the responsible student when the new girl enters it it shows that it opens the small Window for heart that so she can discovers her new world with her new friend and some of the old friends.

She went to a new stage of life that is adolescence see experience new experiments tries new things and she stopping little girl and think about the Met Your once she was confront her mother and everything with make her comfort and this way the plotting of the film has been framed and also this has been very nicely reviewed by all the fans.

Schoolgirls Film Cast Members

Andrea Fandos Plays the Role of Celia

Natalia De Molina Plays the Role of Adela

Zoe Arnao Plays the Role of Brisa

Julia Sierra Plays the Role of Cristina

Francessa Pinon Plays the Role of Madre Consuelo

Ainara Nieto Plays the Role of Clara

Elisa Martinez Plays the Role of Leyre

Carlota Gurpegui Plays the Role of Vanessa

Schoolgirls Film Awards Received

The excellent movie received many of the awards the recent award received is Brussels international film festival award in the year 2020 there are many of the awards received by this movie and the movie is nominated for many of the awards the words which are received our best film award best new director award ,cinematography ,Best drama film ,best director, best screenplay award ,best libro American debut  film.

The movie is nominated for the Award for Best supporting actress ,best editing, best art Direction ,best costume design ,best original song ,best trailer, best actress ,best supporting actress, best libro American film for consecutive two years, best screenplay, best cinematography, best editing and best direction.

 Schoolgirls Film Release Date

According to the latest updates there has been found a report. From where it is discovered that the school girl film was released in the year 2020 on 23rd of February and also with this the Spanish movie Schoolgirls is the movie of coming of age drama films.

 Schoolgirls Film Where to Watch

There has been found a lot of questions about the availability of the film to see and watch easily and that so free. The famous streaming sites are always provided to you through the article so you can read them very easily. Schoolgirls film is available for streaming online rent buy or watch for free on HBO, HBO Max spectrum on demand Direct TV.

Schoolgirl Film Reviews

This is the important part views view is very important this performance from the young actor is terrific it can taken separately this is the best dynamic MLA with Shori and ultra fast commercial cinema girls my prove this appointing watch this movie.

The action is also beautifully done this is the entertaining and hilarious movie all actors played well it has terrible quality but if you are looking for some interesting movie this has most interesting parts.

But the color and the pictures were not great in the movie does is the very cheap movie most of the people don’t like it it they say there it don’t have storyline bad quality low resolution no subtitles not entertaining. You all may be shocked that the film Schoolgirls have received the most astonishing Goya Awards also. This can reveal that how good the movie has been.

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