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As the lockdown prevails in the country due to coronavirus, Sayani Gupta is sure that Four More Shots Please Season 2 will be proven as a boon to the viewership of the show. Although, the country’s situation in the current scenario is much more important to be bothered about.

In an interview, she talked about the reaction on the first season, who’s her favourite character, and what is the fate of the show in the upcoming season.

EXPERIENCE ON SEASON 1 of Four More Shots Please

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She said that although Amazon was confident about the show. It was like people are liking four more shots please, but she was not expecting such a huge fan base. It is actually poisonous to overthink about the result.

Once you’re done with your work, forget about the results. She added with a smile that people still show their love be it airport or malls, and that is what important to an artist- the love of their fans.

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She said that Damini is a very complex character, full of complexities. She goes through a series of complex actions, be it on her professional front where she was thrown out of her company or be it on her personal front.

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But that is what adds spice to the character and the fate of the character, later on spicing up the fun of the story. She lost her own news agency and even returned the award but still stands up and fights back with her talent.


While talking about the fate of ‘Damini’ Sayani said that she’s a fighter. Be it whatever, she stands through it. In the upcoming the season we could expect more of this behaviour.

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She is righteous it is one of the reasons why she is liked among all. Sometimes we could find very strong characters fighting or struggling with most common problems. Afterall, we all are driven by our personal realities.


Although the show was all glam and shimmery from the outside, but it actually came forward with the points like loneliness, body shaming, need for validation and closeted relationships.

Sayani says that a women led narrative in the era of all men led narratives in the mainstream actually pulled her into the show.

It depicts the story of every urban women. It portrays all those confident and independent women out there, who have careers, who are flawed and accept those flaws and truth.

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Sayani revealed that her favorite character in FMSP is ‘Umang’ among all. Even in today’s era homosexuality or any other sexuality is still a taboo. The character Umang is a very strong character. She not only accepts herself but also stands out for herself against the world. She is a tomboyish girl with a good heart and for sure a tough fighter. Moreover, it is played by Bani who adds more life to Umang.

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