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Savage She-Hulk found someone hotter than Thor


The savage she hulk is all set to declare Marvel’s newest sexiest man alive in the pages of Venom #21.

Jennifer Walters who is turning into a more savage She-Hulk form following her cousin Bruce Banner’s more brutal Hulk form. And now she is very much open with her thoughts and feelings. The savage lady had a thunder fling with the lord of thunder- Thor but unfortunately, it was just a treat for a few days. She-Hulk has set her eyes on a new hero more brazenly than ever: Eddie Brock. 

She-Hulk and Thor

Eddie Brock is one of the loved comic characters who has gone through a lot lately in the pages of Venom. Eddie was invited to Avengers towers only when a lot happened in his life. From becoming a frost giant version of himself during the War of the Realms, recently discovering he has a son, and saving the world from the Absolute Carnage event.  

By doing all these good deeds he was able to grab the attention of avengers and went to Avengers Tower in the Arctic Circle, he is brought in front of the current Avengers roster — featuring She-Hulk and Captain Marvel. But it was a shock to Avengers as he refused the offer to join Avengers. It will be exciting to see him becoming a part of the Avengers and start a romance with She-Hulk. 


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