Sara’s Movie Review and Rating


Sara’s recounts the tale of Sara Vincent (Anna Ben), a young lady trying to be a movie producer with a story prepared in her grasp. Yet, there is a trick, she is 25 and her folks need to get her hitched soon. Furthermore, on top of that Sara never needs to be a mother. In this blend, she discovers a boy (Jeevan), who follows a similar point of view, and they fall in love with one another and get married. However, what happens when Sara gets unwantedly pregnant is the story.

(IMDb Ratings – 6.9/10)

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Sara’s Movie Review: Script Analysis

The organization and with whom does it have a place, is a discussion famous for a very long time. Not to neglect, the man-centric society instilled in our DNA has consistently caused us to feel that the male sex is better than the female, and the previous can take the right choice for the last mentioned. Sara’s composed by Akshay Hareesh is about this single clash that discusses the office of a lady on her body.

Here is a young lady who doesn’t need kids. Actually, it is her decision and should be regarded. Yet, families don’t give you that much protection and decision, right? A tempest is caused when she reports that Hareesh rushes to show you how the office on her body isn’t only hers, yet approximately 10 others.

Discussing those 10 others, they additionally incorporate men. Sara’s is loaded with men who on the external surface seem like women’s activists who support each progression ladies in their day-to-day existence take. However, Akshay and director Jude are sufficiently shrewd to make you see their guardian angel complex underneath. Take her dad for example; while he is all strong and charming when he reveals to her girl that the choice is at last hers. There is additionally a feeling of pride that he gave her the opportunity to settle on that decision, relatable! Or then again Meera Nair’s Anjali who is a major star and her significant other says he controls her as though a robot shows the degree of male-centric society we are marinated in.

The writing in Sara’s never gets too hefty to even think about processing. It is toward the day’s end, a cut-of-life film that is managing a subject that is taboo. There are numerous inquiries from for what reason does a lady need to legitimize her choices? For what reason can’t the general public relax and stay out of other people’s affairs? For what reason is abortion particularly an upright crime in India? Be that as it may, are every one of them replied? All things considered, 50%. The remainder of it is occupied in its dullness and deficiency.

I call it deficient on the grounds that 1, as well as many plots focus, are started however never spoken about enough to have an end. Take Sunny Wayne’s Jeevan. He is a man who very much likes his better half Sara neither like nor need kids. However, when she is unintentionally pregnant, an adjustment of his heart prompts him to need to have the kid. While it is a genuine idea and dynamic, we are never taken into his brain. His therapy concerning what did he go through to have a completely extraordinary assessment went.

Also, digs are taken at the Malayalam film culture in the background, yet never spoken enough to make that a solid discussion.

Sara’s Movie Review: Star Performance

Anna Ben is Anna Ben, and how might one even anticipate that she should not give her best now. She once more covers in the encompassing and turns into a piece of the world she is tossed into. She isn’t ‘a yelling as loud as possible’ young lady about the choice she has taken. Maybe her defiance is close to home and possibly blasts when compressed.

Sunny Wayne adds the required appeal in Sara’s and becomes Jeevan who sees a chance. While the content neglects to give him a nitty-gritty circular segment, the entertainer figures out how to command notice. Screenwriter Benny P Nayarambalam who plays Sara’s dad is Anna Ben’s genuine dad. He does the work perfectly.

Sara’s Movie Review: Direction, Music

Directo Jude Anthany Joseph realizes he is making a film that requires teaching and entertainment. He went innocently while leaving a smile on his watcher’s face. He treats Sara’s likewise. Never does he tap the dimness such that it reflects in the visuals. In any event, when makers attempt to foul up with Sara his vision stays straightforward and not over the top.

Be that as it may, exactly the same thing additionally ends up being a con when the dullness dominates. While the journey to the contention takes more often than not, the contention once presented begins running at the max speed. More attention on the last part would have done marvels to the content. Music upholds the film pleasantly and is a relieving collection to tune into.

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Final Word

You can’t totally overlook Sara’s by any means. It has Anna Ben, there must be numerous things useful for her to say yes to a film, and there are. Watch the film on Amazon Prime Video and mention to me your opinion about it. Till then you can watch the trailer of Sara’s below:



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