Samsung unveils the speedy processor that will power the Galaxy S11 and Note 11 : Details Inside S11 range by 2020


Samsung announced its new Exynos 990 flagship chipset, which will boost up the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S11 range by 2020. It offers 5G connectivity. The Exynos 990 and Modem 5123 are tailored for the mobile devices of the future for intensive use of video and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The exciting features are a 20% boost in the CPU, 8k video recording, 108 MP camera, and 4k UHD display. The biggest feature is the high refresh rate, which like that of android gaming phones. The new chip assists the device in performing 10 trillion operations per second than the last chip, which supported 1.86 trillion operations per second.


The AI feature comes with voice assistance, photography, and anything expected from an AI. The chip can handle high data speed of up to 5520 Mbps. The chip can handle a high-resolution camera of up to 108MP and also has an 8k video recording.
It is hard to imagine what all can still be achieved in the technological world. To fit such great power and speed into one handheld device is a great milestone reached. Samsung has never failed to deliver quality to its customers.

They make products that people don’t know what they need. They create a demand for a better and faster device. How much further can the mobile industry go? We will never know as a human about whose needs are not satisfied. After one comes the other. After this big step in technology, there will be a hunt for a better and faster processor.

There have been complaints that Samsung’s mobile devices hang a lot. Well, this obstacle will soon be a talk of the past with a chip that offers such great speed. The devices will not hang, thanks to the high refresh rate. Go on and play your games without fear of it getting stuck in the middle.