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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will be launched online only in August




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Samsung galaxy note 20 Launch Date: The impact of COVID-19 has essentially shuttered every major tech event and launch for 2020, and at this point, we’re really not expecting anything to change in the near future.

Now, a report from The Korea Herald seems to confirm that Samsung will be skipping a physical event for its Galaxy Note 20 launch and instead hosting it online.

Launch Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
Samsung Note 10 Plus phone

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According to this latest report, Samsung isn’t planning to host a physical launch event for the Galaxy Note 20. In the past, Samsung has held launch events for Note devices in New York City around August. The timing is this year’s launch would be the same, but no one will be heading to NYC.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phones are on their way: now the dust has settled on the Galaxy S20 phones from early 2020, our eyes have shifted to the next big release from the company, and all the news, leaks and rumours surrounding it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Expectations

We’d expect a lot of the tech from the Galaxy S20, as well as S20 Plus and S20 Ultra, to make their way to the Note 20 phones – after all, the S20 devices were the company’s first flagships of the year. The Galaxy Note 10 Lite from January 2020 might also affect the Note 20 DNA, given it beckoned in a future of affordable stylus phones.

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If there’s a Galaxy Note 20 Lite, Samsung wouldn’t need to worry about other cheap phone stylus competitors, and could instead focus on creating a true top-end model that blows the socks off any device before it. Some think Samsung is angling for the Galaxy Fold 2 to actually be the top-end Note phone, but that seems like a Game-of-Thrones-style plot twist, so we’re not too sure just yet.

What’s News?

So there’s now an idea of what’s to come with the Note 20, On top of that we’ve got a wishlist of what we want to see in the phone. As the stylus is relatively connected to the identity of the phone, people want to see the S Pen become a true extension of the device: more physical controls, more reason to pull it out of the phone.

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Since there’s no physical location for Samsung to secure this time around, the date is apparently still flexible, but it should be at some point in August. When the event does roll around, we’ll be expecting the Galaxy Note 20, Note 20+, and a second-generation Galaxy Fold too.

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