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‘Samsung Galaxy Fold 2’ to be launched digitally due to COVID-19

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

It’s confirmed that ‘Samsung Galaxy Fold 2’ to be launched digitally due to COVID-19. The coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of problems for the people. From grocery to the film industry everything is devastated. A lot of people are working from home as they were asked to follow social distancing. 

While keeping all this in mind, all the major companies are moving towards a digital platform or say becoming more reliant on them now. And among this tech giants are not left behind. They are moving for virtual launches and are making the market to recover from the losses. 

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‘Samsung Galaxy Fold 2’ launch updates 

Recently, one of the examples is set by the tech giant Samsung. The company is trying there best to overcome the crises caused by the pandemic. In the words of our sources, “the company is going to launch it’s most anticipated ‘Samsung Galaxy Fold 2’ mobile.” 

This smartphone is supposed to reach the audience in the middle of the year or the second last of 2020. It is to be noted that along with the launch of this awaited smartphone, Samsung Note20 will also be available for the users. 

 Features of Fold 2

You must be wondering what will be the features of ‘Samsung Galaxy Fold 2’. So here we go, scroll and give it a full read. 

The Main Camera (Back) of the phone will have 64 MP with the primary sensor, 12 MP with the ultra-wide sensor, 12 MP with a telephoto lens. On the other hand, the front camera will be of 12 MP. 

This Smartphone will support 5G technology. We expect that the product will be available to the users may be in August 2020. 

This information is shared by our sources as no announcement is made by the company itself we have to wait for a little for the confirmation. 

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