Sailor Moon Eternals Movie Review: Is It Worth Watching?

sailor moon eternals

Fans of Sailor Moon have been getting lots of exciting gifts recently. After the reboot of their popular classic anime series, it was a pretty amazing experience for them to actually see the series after ages. Plus, the involvement of anime in Netflix adds excitement to a hundred times. Sailor Moon is one of the classic sweetheart dramas that has been popular since the day of its release. Even today, the popularity of the anime franchise has left the audience speechless. In 2021, the studio released its first OVA named Sailor Moon Eternals. 

After the series ended on a cliffhanger, the fans were speculating if there will be any other season for Sailor Moon Crystal or not. Even though the fans were confirmed about the future of the series, it still gave the audience chills without any official announcement. 


The cliffhangers of the third season were making the audience vulnerable about the future possibility. Then, the studio announced the production of two OVAs simultaneously. As the movie came out, it left its mark on the fan’s heart. In this article, we’ll be talking about everything regarding the movie.

 If you are someone who shares a deep interest in the Sailor Moon Eternals and want to know everything about the show then this article will help you. We’re going to review the show and will further explain to you if Sailor Moon Crystal is worth watching or not.

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Sailor Moon Eternals: A Complete Summary!

Sailor Moon was initially released during the 90s. Just like the other anime series, it was also inspired by the manga series that shares the same name. Upon its release, the anime got the name of one of the popular anime during the 90s. The popularity of Sailor Moon was nowhere to stop at that time and the continuous growth of fans and the seasons e the show immense popularity, even capturing the overseas audience. 

Written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi from 1991 to 1997, the series was able to make a big difference among the readers. Soon Toei Animation adapted the manga into an anime series. 

At that time, the studio only released one season without its completion. Through, the one season was enough for the show to believe in its future. 

After that, there were several adaptations made by the animation which included a bunch of movie production and more. But the series was never officially a full-fledged series ever. In 2016, the series officially got its reboot and released its season. Sailor Moon Eternals was announced at the ending of the third season. 

Sailor Moon is one of the longest and most popular running franchises that was ever released, so far, the series has captured the heart of audiences and captivated them through their excellent writing. The merchandise of the anime has earned more than $13 Billion dollars worldwide. 

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Sailor Moon Eternals Review

Sailor Moon Eternals

Fans have waited over the years to get to know what exactly happens after the girls herald the bell. While there were thousands of speculations and theories that these fans put over the internet, it was yet believed that the series had been getting renewed. 

Unfortunately, the OVA has been kept for it, the movie series has everything that the fans have been dying to hear. What you need to know is that Sailor Moon Eternals will work as a series upcoming season. 

Netflix has amazingly created the movie series and the animation was fabulous. The story kept getting interesting and anyone who was earlier doubting the movie should reconsider watching it now. The series is adapted from the “Dream” manga series and directs the story afterward. 

The English dub was amazing and it doesn’t look clingy. The actors have amazingly done the voice-over for Netflix. Naoko Takeuchi was already a hyped artist for his amazing work for this story. The studio adds more spice and the visuals were just fabulous. The story makes a great impact on the storyline and seems to match everything great. 

The series counts to tell the story and act as the fourth season for the anime series. What makes the movie great is the excellent art designs and the animation that truly blessed the eyes of the viewers. It matches the series perfectly and doesn’t make it over the board. The fans of the series are considerably happy and the online ratings and feedback are just the picture of it. 

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Final Words

Sailor Moon Crystal was officially released in 2021. After the release of the movie, the fans were satisfied with how things ended. After the ending of the movie, it leaves no string to tell the further storyline of the series. There are no updates on whether the studio will make another season in the near future or not. Even today, the series has managed to get the perfect reboot among all the anime series that ever existed. 

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