They are the most talked ones in the whole Bollywood industry, some of us might have heard about Saif Ali Khan and his son Taimur and Kareena Kapoor.

Taimur Ali Khan is a hot favorite of the paparazzi and the little child often gets photographed wherever he goes and with whoever he goes.


And while some of us would have thought that the little star kid enjoys the full attention of the media, it turns out that Taimur is not fond of getting clicked at all.

Very recently during an interview, some of you might know about this thing. They had an interview with Zoom where Saif Ali Khan revealed that his son happens to be photographed most of the time and a lot but he does not like being photographed.

He does not enjoy it, why would a small kid enjoy all the flashes that what Saif Ali Khan meant.

The actor then went on to add that the paparazzi that would be stationed outside his house to capture Taimur, have now stopped the practice.

Paparazzi has now become part of their life at some of the places but outside the house when they were parked, the whole thing was becoming a kind of nuisance to the other neighbors.

The paparazzi was then kindly said that and they also agreed not to be outside the house.

But in public places, they still wish that the paparazzi go easy on the little kids.

This whole thing was concluded by Taimur’s father.

We might agree with his father that little children should be given their places to their families, not all the media.