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Ryan Reynolds and his EXO tattoo

Ryan Reynolds, a star from the hit movie dead pool loves to play pranks and always has a good laugh.

Many of his fans know this about him. When the star appeared on a Korean show he talked about having an EXO themed tattoo on his lower back.

This joke did not only affect his fans but also the biggest and growing fanbase the EXO’ls.

These fans are known to be very loyal to the idol group. With the growing influence of Kpop and Drama in the world, many Hollywood celebrities have taken initiative towards this global phenomenon.

One among these stars is the Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds. According to sources, Reynolds had paid a visit to Seoul to promote his new movie when he crossed paths with the world-famous group.

When he did he candidly joked around about beings a member of the boyband.

About the tattoo on the lower back, He jokes about having one in an interview in with his co-star Adria Arjona.

He also appeared on a famous Korean reality show Running man and said the same thing.

Ryan Reynolds and Adria Arjona on Running man When his co-star was asked if she had any knowledge about Korean music, Reynolds joked about her having a BTS tattoo as well.

With other questions and a fun time, He added that he has an EXO tattoo on his lower back with a poker face.

The next thing that Reynolds did was getting up of his seat and pulled his shirt up to give a sneak peek to one of the stars of the show named Yoo Jae Suk, who was seated beside him.

Yoo Jae Suk did not see it coming and could not wait but burst out with laughter saying that a worldwide star just showed him his skin which was a bold move to make by the star.




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