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RuPaul Season 14 Is Definatley Coming back| Know Everything About It

RuPaul season 14

Drag Queens has always been a popular thing for the audience. There is something different yet amazing about watching these kinds of shows which are quite unique to us, there is no denying the reason that there are a large number of people who love Drag shows and often watch them as the mode of their entertainment. One of them is RuPaul Drag Race which has just released its Season 13 for the audience and now fans are hyping over the RuPaul season 14. 

The famous Drag queen reality show is back and now the judges and the fans have to decide who is the real Drag queen. Filled with drama, emotions, and of course craziness, the show released its Season 13. As the show premiered, there came the contestant which was just wanted to get on the top. 


The fans got crazy over these Drag shows and received much appreciation for the latest season. The reality show, which follows the contestant, who all are confident and hardworking enough to win the trophy, Reality shows are always entertaining and some people might hate it for being fake and all, we can’t unsee that there are still a large number of people who are obsessed with it. 

For RuPaul season 13, all the contestants have been hoping to win the race of becoming the most famous Drag queen of the year, but not everyone can hold the crown tight? Season 13 was terrific and makes people love it for its uniqueness.

As the series comes to an end, fans are wondering if the show will ever get renewed for RuPaul season 14 or not? If you are one of those people who are waiting for the series to reannounce then this article would help you a lot. We’ll be sharing everything that we know about RuPaul season 13 and Season 14 here. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news and find everything about your favorite realities here. 

RuPaul Season 13: Updates, Winners And More

RuPaul Drag Race is a reality show which features all the people of the LGBTQ+ community, fighting their way to becoming the drag queen. Over the past few years, we have been witnessing that the popularity of these kinds of shows is getting more hyped and loved by the audience. As the series premiered some of the people who later achieved greater heights through this medium 

Lately, I have been seeing majorly many OT platforms developing these kinds of shows and series to watch. One of the examples is Netflix’s famous Series Glow. As the series launched, the audience got crazy over the episodes and the cast. 

Similarly, RuPaul Drag Show is one of the oldest reality shows which is acting as the base for these kinds of shows. Whenever I hear any new series that focus on this content. I remember this show, which was there when I wasn’t even born. 

The recently released  Rupaul season 13 was one of the most viewed series in the history of the show. It features some of the interesting and portrays an amazing story that follows the lives of these people.

For the Reality TV series franchise, this show has acted as a milestone and is one of the most loved seasons out of the 13, Almost 1.3 million people have reported watching the series with many of the people have been new to the show. As the show gains this much face, it will not be the best decision to not renew the series, right? 

Netflix has just released one of the famous series on their OTT platform. Squid Games is a famous Korean series that became one of the most famous series on Netflix. The series has been becoming famous and there are enough resources that the series would release another part.

Even the officials have concluded that Squid Games would become one of the most famous Web series of all time. If you have already seen tons of memes and news then this article would help you.  

RuPaul Season 14 Confirmed: Is it Happening or Not?

RuPaul was initially released in 2003 and over these years, the series have brought 13 seasons to the audience, with season 13 being released this year. 

There were several times when the series took a gap from television and we all thought that there would be no more series. However, it never happened. The series is always there and has successfully released the season which is loved by the audience. 

RuPaul season 13 is one of the most-watched seasons of all time and as the show progresses to attract such a great number of people, I think that the creators would have many more things on the way. 

The audience and the creators have responded positively towards thai reality show, even the viewership has been significantly increased for the latest season. With all these things, I think that there is nothing to wonder more and have doubt if the creators would be releasing the 

The latest season saw Vanessa Williams, Schitt’s Creek actor Dustin Milligan, singer Alex Newell, and Younger Nico Tortorella have been a drag in the game and getting their best outfits which an obvious makeover, 

As all these things happened, people found themselves enjoying the show. With all these things, there sets a positive response from the audience and their behavior towards the show. Many of the people from the community came forward to appreciate the show and how it is helping most of the people to get what they actually reserve. 

Now the fans are waiting for the confirmation of Rupaul season 14. So far, the creators have not officially renewed the series but there are many people who believe that the series will return back.

RuPaul season 14 is unofficially confirmed to release as the officials have already spoken about it multiple times.

The executive producer and the host of the reality TV series said that, “I am extremely grateful to all the amazing and talented Drag Race queens — past, present, and future — that continue to inspire us to find new ways to tell their stories,”

He further added that “Through love, light, and laughter, they remind all of us that the most powerful thing you can do is to become the image of your own imagination.”

RuPaul Season 14 Release Date Updates: When is it Going to Happen?

RuPaul season 14  is already getting back as the creators and officials have already announced it several times. Even this reality show has been on the TV since the time I was a little kid. With all these years, the show has gained a name. 

As reality shows are often seen to be getting multiple seasons as it doesn’t stick back to a single cast, Rupaul season 14, on the other hand, is confirmed to happen. 

The series is still looking for an official announcement but we all know that the series will be happening sooner. 

If everything goes fine, I think that Rupaul season 14 will be happening in 2022. The show also has a long history of releasing its season every year. There are obvious gaps between some seasons but the show still manages to release on time. 

It is confirmed that RuPaul season 14 will be happening in 2022.

What was the Reaction of the Audience?

The show receives great ratings and feedback from the audience and the critics. Before ending this article, let’s take a quick look at the ratings of this series. 

The IMDb rating of the series is 8.4/10. The show has over 83% rotten tomatoes and 4/5 ratings in Common Sense Ratings of the reality series. 

Moreover, the audience rating summary of the series is 4.6. The audience has explained that the series has had an amazing response.

One person said,  “It is such an uplifting and fun show to watch, and I think it deserves every bit of clout and attention it gets. It is such a good way to help so many hard-working drag queens get publicity, and make a name for themselves, giving them jobs in the future. This ends up benefiting the lgbtq+ community because the rates of unemployment among the lgbtq+ community is significant. Only because it is harder for members of the community who present obviously as gay, lesbian, trans, etc. to get jobs in general.”

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