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Rumours says that ‘Resident Evil’ game has been teased by new actress

The remake of the third part of Resident Evil was just released early for the fans this April, but the rumours about what is next in the game continue to surface.

The very latest in the long list of the Resident Evil rumours, however, came from a good valid source. Stephanie Panisello, who was seen playing as Claire Redfield starting from the remake of the Resident Evil 2, it then accidentally teased an upcoming project which could also be related to the very franchise.

Rumours says that ‘Resident Evil’ game has been teased by a new actress


In the Resident Evil podcast which also brought together various and different performers from the series, Stephanie then greeted the cast of Resident Evil 3 remake before even saying that she might have worked with one of them for a yet announced game.

Also the Resident Evil 3 cast says hello! I know I did not know you guys personally, although they do feel like I have worked with one of them, but then she thinks that this is a project that has not come out yet, so she did not say anything.

While now the Claire Redfield actress did not name the project, then it still quickly sparked already the talks it is related to the Resident Evil franchise. Now, after all, they are all in the podcast to discuss their experience working in the series.

‘Resident Evil’ game launch date

Rumours says that 'Resident Evil' game has been teased by new actress-5

It is, of course, it could also be a very different game which is not related to the popular survival horror video game. However, it is worth noting that there have already been some rumours about two Resident Evil games which was coming in 2021 and 2022.

The production house Capcom is also rumoured to be now working on the fourth part of Resident Evil for the 2022 launch. Nonetheless, it would not make the sense for Panisello to be actually included in the alleged project since the character of Claire is not in the said iteration.



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