Home Technology Rumors about Google Pixel 5 launch date which may be delayed

Rumors about Google Pixel 5 launch date which may be delayed




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Google Pixel 5 one of the most awaited flagship of 2020 has been delayed, leaks suggest. Google releases its device in October, but it seems far fetched this year.

The weird news about Pixel 5 is that reports suggest google might place a mediocre chipset instead of a premium Soc. However, we will get to know only when the device is released. The leaks are brought fresh from Prosser . and they are being the most reliable these days.

Google Pixel 5 Launch Date

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Google Pixel 5 - specification

This news suggests that Google might not be releasing its tech this summer. And its certainly sure that that according to google calendar October is New generation tech release day. During the sales of smartphones have decreased moreover in October Huawei is also releasing its new smartphone. Google delivering a pixel at that time will decrease its sales so let’s hope this phone drops soon. But trust me it won’t be soon enough.

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