Rumor: Rockstar Games’ Next Title Isn’t GTA 6 or Bully 2, But a New Medieval Open-World Game moment


According to the Rockstar Games rumour mill, Another game from the developers of Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto is not Bully two or GTA 6.

Instead, it’s a Fresh new IP and open-world game set in the Classical era.


According to the rumour, the origin they obtained this information from has been correct about GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption two info in the past.

To put it differently, there’s the reason to believe they’re credible and trustworthy.

That said, the rumour alleges this open-world Medieval game is going to be released or at least that is what Rockstar Games is aiming for.

An announcement is not very far off.

This is the place where the outstanding details dry up, and the thing is that the sport will possess when it is set during the era, 40, swordsmanship and duelling, which makes sense in Europe.

Obviously, that rumour ought to be taken with a massive grain of salt. Not only does the source have no history, but everybody and their brother’s mother’s dog claims to understand what Rockstar Games is working on.

That said, what’s interesting about this claim is that it is. There have been a few clear isolated cases where, seemingly from the blue, a rumour has popped up claiming Rockstar Games is currently working on a Medieval game.

Of course, these rumours may be piggybacking on each other, but it seems unlikely given. Since there’s a far more excellent opportunity, however, book the most abundant grain of salt you’ll be able to find.

Suspicious, and questionable rumours turn out correct before, so anything is possible I suppose, though, I’ve observed shoddy.

Anyway, at the moment of publishing, the safe bet is that Rockstar Games’ next name will be a new instalment in Grand Theft Auto.

Meanwhile, there were plenty of rumours and reports indicating that a Bully movie is actually Rockstar’s next game. Still, for now, if I were a gambling person, I’d bet on GTA 6 is the next game from the industry-leading developer.