‘Rough Couple of Days’: 24 Hours Apart, the Off-Road Deaths of the Sons of Two Iredell County First Responders


Two children, both sons of local first responders died in off-road incidents that were 24 hours apart.

The Iredell County has been mourning over the death of these kids.


The first accident took place when the son of a lieutenant who worked in the sheriff’s office was riding a dirt bike on their privately owned property in the northern part of the County when the kid who was just 11-year old lost his control over the bike and hit a fence.

Alas, died.

“The one Sunday was a skilled rider. Just a tragic, tragic accident,” Iredell County Sheriff Darren Campbell said.

The second accident took place  at the distance of a few miles, when another kid, son of the Troutman fire chief.,15-year-old died.

24 hours later,  the fire crews were called out to the scene of the second accident.

“But when we deal with incidents like this involving children, it’s tough,” Campbell added.

“We’re still monitoring the well-being of our members right now as we deal with this incident,” said Matt McAlpin, a firefighter said.

“Within hours, we sent our folks to a critical stress debriefing,” McAlpin added to his statement.


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He also said that the scene involving the kids was very hard to watch, They had to immediately call the mental health department.

“We don’t want to send anybody home to deal with this on their own. You’re not alone,” McAlpin.