Room 104 Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

Room 104 Season 4 Everything We Know So Far

This American television series, premiered on HBO is a take on a combination of many genres; fiction, comedy, drama to name a few. The mind-bending plot is premised in a single room namely ‘Room 104‘ at a motel and entails different consequences each time the assorted characters come across the room.                                              

 Overview Of Room 104 Season 4

Surely the content of the twists and turns in each episode cannot be gauged which has once again proved itself in the latest episode of S4 ‘The Last Man’ seems as if we have been experimented to see how well we can catch up to its format.

Here’s a short recap on what happened in the 9th episode:

The beginning landed with a desert landscape and then straightaway directed us towards Kyran and his dream to be the first man. In the very next minute he then, driven by his whims transformed to being suicidal reflecting on the meaning of his own existence.


Then Kyran and his brother Durkan realized that their never-ending battle was of no avail and that they should pair up together for a more powered- up the battle against one.

This stretches out the universal fact that is true by every virtue that overcoming these years of hatred would only be the way to harmony. Since time immemorial humans have been tearing the flesh off each other, but integrity is what has always worked for achieving a goal.

Release Date and Plot Of Season 4

The ep 10 is set to air on this Sept 25, 11pm ET /10 pm CT on HBO. Written by Jence La Marque, Julian Wass, and screenplay by La Marque, this ep goes by the name of ‘The Night Baby died’  will be starring Leonardo Nam and Lily Fladstone in the lead roles.

The outline as briefed by HBO follows:

When childhood best friends Bruce and Abby meet for the first time in decades, Bruce develops an eccentric idea to resurrect their friendship that brings back old wounds.

It can be streamed on HBO and they will be releasing episodes every Friday until they call it a wrap on its 12th ep by Oct 9, 2020. The episodes will also be available for subscribed listers on HBO’s official site, HBO max, HBO Go. Otherwise, for people with not so stable cable connection, it is also rented on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

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