What Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Suit’s Ear Reveals About The Movie


Robert Pattinson’s bat pattern and next year’s Batman Kansa style costume may give aficionados some signs about the movie.

Director Matt Reeves recently bestowed the First look of the new Batman suit, but the video was dark and focused primarily on the chest and cowl. Photographs obtained from the film’s Glasgow exposed the entire ear, including a pair of ears.

While the heeds of Batman’s suits are usually a detailed description, his design for The Batman can say a lot about the film. In previous Batman films, Cowl had some capacitor gadgets in his ears.

For example, in the Dark Knight trilogy, in-year devices allowed Bruce Wayne to focus on interacting at a safe distance from his enemies. Pattison’s new Batman ear design, however, draws inspiration from much older designs.

Matt Reeves gives some idea of what to expect from The Batman, including the fact that Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne will be in his second year of fighting crime and is more of a detective than a vassal in the set photos Will work more. Makes sense: the batting seems pieced together as if it were made and modified one section at a time.

Some scenes appear to cover the head, suggesting that it – including ears – is custom-made. It appears less tech-heavy than other onscreen Batman cowls. If this is the case, then the ears may not be capable of communication or long distance listening. At least, not in this film.



Batsuit ears are long and pointed, but this design is unnecessary if they are at home without a gadget. Unless they are more visual than part of an advanced suite. Eventually, Reeves is interested in discovering the beginning of Batman.

Even the film’s title, The Batman, points to the character’s comic book roots; In the early issues of the Dark Knight, his enemies often called him “Batman”.

If Matt Reeves is digging that far in the history of Batman, then it makes sense to bring uniformity of costume to the bat as soon as possible.

Already in the Batsuit design, which goes back to 1939, Bruce’s cowl showed two comic long ears that came at sharp points. They were more literal translations of the bat subject and were almost indifferent to modern redesigns.

The ear on Pattinson’s helmet suggests that the costume is more pronounced at first, such as Tim Burton’s bat in Batman. They are less exaggerated, but they stand out.

Between the design of Cannes and the focus as a detective on Batman, Reeves is making good on his promise to trace the roots of the character.

While Batman acutely may not be an origin story, the Batsuit ears indicate that it will be old school, Batman. The gadget is not yet fully integrated into her sleuthing, and her convertible costume will be in its early stages.

Even though they don’t serve a practical function, Kahn put Pattinson into a different Batman era. He is a low-level private eye who has not understood her form – someone who has a lot to do with the first version of the beloved comic cast.