Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Reason Why We’re Excited And We’re Worried About The Film


Excited: A good selection of Villains

The DCEU has been lacking in Batman material even though the character has had three appearances. That would be because we haven’t seen him interact with his famed list of villains, something that will be rectified in a big way in this film. 

The Batman would be featuring romance with Catwoman and with guys like Penguin and The Riddler also present, we are looking for Batman the odds in a big way here.


Worried: it might make the previous Batman look immaterial

With such a large gap between the character’s age in this film, there is a chance it might stray too far from Batman appearances, starting from Dawn of Justice. This would make DCEU out to be far more confusing.

Excited: having a film dedicated to Batman

If you are wondering why DC Animated Batman is far better than the DCEU one, then it would be because we got to sink our teeth into the character’s vast material. 

With The Batman, we could consider that this can be a similar turn for the character.

Worried: villains might have much more focus

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy had a secret behind its success attributed to how the series had the focus squarely on Batman, and the villains challenged him to change. 

With so many villains, there is a chance that the director might choose to have the bulk of the movie setting up the backstories of these antagonists. This could be a terrible decision.

Excited: New blood in Robert Pattinson

It is always exciting to have young blood in any venture, as these individuals bring in a renewed sense of energy. 

Since Affleck portrayed Batman as a hardened superhero, we will now get to have Robert Pattinson show his side as a younger incarnation.