Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit Has A Callback To Batman’s First Comics Appearance


The ear (or lack thereof) on the bat symbol of Robert Pattinson’s costume in Batman is an interesting callback to the first comic book appearance of the Dark Knight in 1969.

Recently, Batman director Matt Reeve released a test. A video test video showing the new bat suit avoids viewers from having a full look at the costume but has provided a fairly detailed preview of Batman’s chest armor, bat emblem and the lower part of his mask.

When is Robert Pattinson Batman coming

Robert Pattinson is set for a 2121 release, to succeed Ben Affleck as Batman’s next big-screen crusader.

The film will not move beyond just Affleck, but new versions of Gordon and Alfred Petworth commissioned by Jeffrey Knight and Andy Serkis support the Batman character set in Batman Vs Superman, Justice, and Dawn of Justice League respectively. 

What will happen? As the villain, The Batman will include several representatives of Batman’s rogue gallery, including Riddler (Paul Dano), Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz), and Penguin (Colin Farrell).

Reference from Comics

Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne will be worn in the film which is full of comic book references and influences, one of which is the biggest design of the bat symbol.

 At first glance, it may appear that Batman made a major change to the comic book hero by removing the ears, which is an important part of the iconic symbol. 

But in fact, it is the same as Batman in Batman Symbol # 27 in May 1939. The original version of the bat symbol did not have ears.

In August, Detective Comics added ears to the symbol, and they have remained a consistent element of the Batsuit ever since, which is why some people are surprised to see him taking it to Batman. 

This may be an indication that Batman wants to embrace the roots of Batman’s Golden Age.

It is true that, for the most part, the effects found in the new Batsuit are related to later appearances in Batman. Batman is taking inspiration from Rocksteady’s Arkham Games and Batman: From 2013 to 2015, a graphic novel. Put in armor under your parents and their emblem.

 As a symbol of bats in the test video, it is revealed that this is the direction in which Batman will go with the character of Robert Pattinson, an amalgamation of Batman during the era of DC Comics. 

This is why Batman’s original comic book appearance can be so important for Batman to dig into. In this way, The Batman could pay homage to a whole series of Batman stories.