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Riverdale Season 5 – Confirmed Release Date| When It Is Coming On Netflix?

Riverdale Season 5

Riverdale Season 5 was the most anticipated show that the audience was waiting for a long time. The Crime-teen drama series which was first released on 26 January 2017 was one of the most viewed series that CW has ever made. 

The show has been doing amazing and people from all around the world are waiting for season 5. Till now, there are four seasons of this teen drama released on Netflix and fans were wondering about season 5. There were many rumors that covered Riverdale Season 5 renewal news and many said that season 5 is not going to happen.


Luckily season 5 was renewed shortly after the show ended, despite the news that it will never be made after season 4. With the CW giving a green light, the release date for season 5 was scheduled and officially confirmed. 

Season 5 started its journey on 20 January 2021 but stopped midway because of the global pandemic. The episodes were stopped airing halfway and the audience was waiting to see what exactly happened with the cast. 

Recently the creators have decided to postpone the release date of Riverdale Season 5 due to some reason. Here is everything that you need to know about this crime drama in detail. Keep reading to find out everything about the series. 

Riverdale Season 5 – How the Season ended?

I wouldn’t say that the Riverdale Season 5 has officially ended as the series was stopped airing midway due to the Global pandemic. The world was set in lockdown and during that time, The cast of Riverdale was filming the upcoming episodes. Due to the worldwide lockdown, the production had to stop midway. While some seasons did air, the rest of them were stopped. 

So this concludes that the actual finale is still hanging and will air after part 2 of Season 5 will happen. But we still have a lot of tea to sip. In season 5, we have seen Jughead and Tabitha kissing, he claimed that Kissing is a “Mistake”. 

He confessed to Tabitha that he still misses things about the things that happened with him and Betty (Well to be honest Jug we all do, both in real and reel life). 

Jughead is still living with the trauma and he can’t be strong enough to handle it. While the series has not yet explained thoroughly about Jughead’s trauma, he decided to take a peaceful journey. On the trip, Betty confesses and apologizes to him for cheating with Archie. 

Things turned out worse when they started playing “pincushion man” and things turned red. After some time, they discovered that Jughead wasn’t there. So where is he? Where did Jughead disappear? Is the left just like this? Or maybe something bad happens with him? All these questions are revolving in the heads of Riverdale’s fans.

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Riverdale Season 5 – When is it Going to Release?

Earlier, the officials have announced the release date of the Riverdale Season 5 to be 7 July but they changed their mind. The release date of part 2 of Riverdale season 5 was postponed to August. 

Now, CW has again announced the release date of this show which is 11 august. Some fans are fearing that the series might postpone the release date again but I barely think that this will happen. As the creator has already confirmed everything beforehand, so there is less chance of this happening. 

The CW has posted on their Instagram about the upcoming season 5. The post captioned, “The town won’t save itself. New episodes return Wednesday, August 11. Stream the latest episodes free only on The CW, link in bio. #Riverdale

Moreover, the release time of part 2 might differentiate in different countries as per Netflix’s premiering rule. But so far the release time is fixed to be 8 p.m eastern time. So the fans have still a month to wait for season 5 and till then you can binge-watch all the seasons to keep on track. 

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Riverdale Season 5 – What will happen in the further Episodes?

The upcoming season 5 will definitely cast the same characters and revolves around the messed-up life. The big question is – where is jughead? I hope that the creators will solve the mystery behind this. Also, in the trailer video, Jughead and Betty were seen together and his hands were folded around her waist. Is this a sign of these two datings?

We have seen that Archie has been going through some serious mental illness and who is behind it?

In the official trailer for part 2, everyone was asking Archie, “is there something wrong?”. I think that something big happens with Archie. Archie was also seen to be crying in the cemetery. There are many theories which the fans are making and we’ll not jump to that currently. Comment down what your feelings are for season 5?

Is there an Official Trailer for the Upcoming season 5?

The CW has officially released the Official teaser promo on Netflix for their upcoming season. Being a teaser video, fans have only seen glimpses of the cast and what can possibly happen in the future. 

The Official Trailer is not yet released by the CW yet and the fans are still holding on to watch it. Til; they make any moves, watch this promo video of Riverdale Season 5. 

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Riverdale Season 6 – Confirmed or Not?

The confirmation of Season 6 came out suddenly and the audience was shocked to see it. The series has already announced the renewing of season 6 earlier and the production has also finished. 

With season 6, fans are wondering how the writers will deal with the show and end it? As the season revolves around the high school kids who are finally going to college and their ways are going to separate. But will it be the end?

Robert Aguirre-Sacasa has recently made a bold statement that shocked the audience. He said, 

“The graduation episode definitely feels like that is the end of a big story that we started in the pilot and it kind of harkens back to when we first pitched Riverdale. Some of the executives that we pitched it to said: ‘So is this just a high school show?’”

He teased,  “I remember thinking: ‘Gosh I hope not, I hope it continues into young adulthood.’ It’s funny, I remember back in the day saying: ‘To me, I think Riverdale ends when Archie has a child.’” 

“But without a doubt, the graduation episode feels like a pretty big end of a chapter, and in a way, episode four is a pretty hard reboot, but still Riverdale-ian,” 

We really hope that season 6 has a great ending and the series finally bids goodbye instead of extending it to more seasons. What do you think? Do you want to see Archie as a dad? Well, personally I am looking for a happy ending to every four characters 🙂

Riverdale Season 6 – When is it going to be released?

Surprisingly, season 6 has got a release date. After part 2 of season 5 ends airing, season 6 of Riverdale will continue adding stories for the later episodes. With official confirmation, the CW announced that Riverdale Season 6 will be aired on 16 November 2021. 

So 2021 isn’t much worse for the fans of Riverdale because the series is finally going to have 2 seasons consecutively together. Another big surprise is that the series will air shortly after The Flash season 8. 

Final Words

Riverdale is going to release its two seasons this year back to back. The release date of both seasons is confirmed to happen in 2021. Many people thought that the season wouldn’t be made after season 4 but surprisingly it is here with two new seasons. Cole Sprouse is getting back with his much-loved character, Jughead. While her formal girlfriend is still in the show and there are possibilities of them being a couple in the story, it is a dream of the shippers in real life. 

We all are waiting for the upcoming season to release and see what finally happens. Fans have to wait for a few more months to finally get to the conclusion. 

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