Riverdale Season 4 Canceled New Episode Here’s Why

Riverdale Season 5

RIVERDALE season four is well and truly in full swing with the twists and turns coming at The CW thick and fast. However, whether enthusiasts are Jughead or Archie fans, they are set tonight as the newest episode was canceled’.

The fourth season of Riverdale delivered the almighty bombshell last week which Jughead Jones (played with Cole Sprouse) was still alive despite the entire city thinking the adolescent had met his demise. 

The revelation left The CW viewers eager and stunned to see what laid ahead for Jughead and his pals in the next episode, episode 17.

For those hoping Riverdale to go back to its slot of Wednesday, they’re set for disappointment.

That is because cancel its return and The CW has opted to postpone the next episode.

Fans will not find what lies ahead for the likes of Archie (KJ Apa) and Jughead following week, or the week after that.

Rather, Riverdale season four will not be returning until April 9 to displays.

Riverdale canceled: Tonight’s episode will not air on The CW

The CW has not announced a specific reason. It is unusual for Riverdale, or the US show as a whole, to fall victim to such types of breaks. Fans were left waiting an excess week between episodes seven and eight as well as the series’ winter hiatus.

The scheduling was declared before the outbreak of coronavirus affecting the production of the season, bring it to a halt.

According to Deadline, Riverdale suspended production following concerns were raised that a member of this team had been in contact with someone who’d tested positive for COVID-19.

Warner Bros told the publication: “The team member is currently receiving a medical evaluation.

“We are working closely with the appropriate government and health agencies in Vancouver to identify and contact all individuals who might have come into direct contact with our staff members.

“The health and safety of our employees, casts, and crews are always our top priority.

“We have and will continue to take precautions to protect everybody who works on our productions across the world.”

It is currently unknown the effect that the stop in production will have on the rest of season four.

Riverdale is only one in a plethora of TV series now prevented from going forward thanks to this outbreak.

While Line of The Flash and Duty, Peaky Blinders also have been changed, production on its show has stopped


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