Rising High: This Netflix film falls short of Expectation

One of the newest films which released on Netflix last week is “Rising High”. The protagonist of the film is forced to face the mistakes he has done as he is pressurized by the government. He faces rise and fall in his life.

Rising High Story Detail

'Betonrausch or Rising High -Cast-2

The storyline of the film is such that two men named Viktor Steiner and Gerry unite in order to illegally dominate the real estate market in the city of Berlin. As the film begins it is seen that a journalist is interviewing Viktor. The film is set in multiple sets of flashbacks.

The film’s original language is German as it is set in Berlin but for the ones who don’t understand German the option of English audio and English subtitles are available. After viewing the trailer, it seemed that the film would be like “The Wolf of The Wall Street” which tells about the real story of Jordan Belfort who once used his penny stocks to gain an illegal control over the stock market.

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Rising High Expectations

Betonrausch or Rising High

The movie has no momentum and it is extremely difficult to be invested in the film. This film does not live up to the expectations it seemed to have created by the trailer. Intense nature of highs and lows are expected when we witness drugs, parties and prostitutes in the film.

The characters as well as the storyline seems to be forced. The character of Viktor Steiner seems like he is not able to decide whether the audience should pity on him or not. The use of drugs is extremely unnecessary and the person has little ambition or empathy in him.

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The different aspects of the storyline seem to be scrambled and portrayed in an unorganized manner which ultimately decreases the excitement. Unlike “The Wolf of The Wall Street” its easy and the aspects of the film seem to be flowing in a proper manner.

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