Rick and Morty Season 4: Fans have Sussed Out Season 4 Release Date


Rick and Morty is a 2013 comedy animated series on Netflix. After having been missing for nearly 20 years, Rick Sanchez suddenly arrives at daughter Beth’s doorstep to move in with her and her family.

Although Beth welcomes Rick into her home, her husband, Jerry, isn’t as happy about the family reunion.

Almost 97 percent of the viewers have liked the show till now and it is no doubt that the show is a massive success. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the show has scored 95 percent which is quite a big thing.

The fourth season of the show got underway on Adult Swim and Channel 4 in November just previous year with fans around the world excited to see what happens next.

However, the revelation that episode six would not be returning in the show’s weekly slot left the viewers rather annoyed especially with a release date still yet to be announced.

However, one fan is convinced that they have worked out when the space hopping duo will be back. The clue came after it was revealed Pringles would be releasing an advert feat the animated pair during super bowl 54.

In the commercial, Rick and Summer are watching Tv. On the TV is an animated Pringles advertisement prompting Summer to ask How Much Do you think Pringles pay these people?

Rick replies hardly Anything before Morty enters the room.

The short animated clip racked up nearly 10000 retweets and 50000 likes on Twitter in a matter of days. Not only that, one fan is convinced the Super Bowl ad holds the key to the episode six release date.

The keen viewer took to Reddit to voice their theory about Rick and Morty’s return.

They said: “What if the show is coming back the night of the Super Bowl?
So anyway, this is it for today. we hope the best for the whole team and wish them luck.


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