Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 6 Fans Reveals Huge Issue with Rick’s Pirate Phobia


The series is also known for its offbeat and also their unpredictable style of humor alongside each episode’s dark and their depressing themes. A major character trait of the lead character has recently come under the question as the fans have spotted a glaring continuity error.

Their surreal humor and improvisational tone to the Adult Swim series is one of the funniest adult cartoons on the TV. But unfortunately, a throwaway gag can sometimes lead to a very huge plot hole in which Rick and Morty are very quick to get it.

A twisted combination of the Fantastic Voyage and the Jurassic Park also reveals that Rick Sanchez has been building a miniature theme park, it is called Anatomy Park, which was inside the body of a homeless man.

Both he and his grandson Morty are shown near and around the park by the microbe named Dr. Xenon Bloom also named John Oliver.

The small or so-called microscopic park features a variety of attractions, including deadly bacteria that are housed in the enclosures. The anatomy park is also a big home to the number of riffs on the popular Disneyland rides, which also includes the Pirates of the Pancreas.

While the thing serves as a fitting reference to Pirates of The Caribbean in the season one episode, the quick gag then becomes a major issue when the series reaches their third season.

One of the fans from the series took to the Reddit to highlight how a joke in the season three finale causes a major continuity error for the whole series.

The Reddit user named Onirochan said that since the character Rick is afraid of pirates how is it that he loves the Pirates of Pancreas and created them too? This was his question to the series.

The phobia which Rick has of the pirates is revealed when he breaks free from his handcuffs which were made from the fake element Sanchezium.