21 Jump Street star Richard Grieco he is so much famous, and we all might have heard his name. He does not react well when the cuffs are getting slapped on him, as there was a video which was a proof of his DFW airport bust for public intoxication. The police bodycam footage obtained some news reporters shows that Richard angrily storming away from the American Airlines ticket counter in Dallas when the police confront him. The actor’s pretty angry at; first, he even asked the officer “You guys know who I am?”

Richard Grieco

The actor then tried to talk his way out of his drunken situation, but what he tried it does not work. The police there puts him under arrest, and they gave him a pop quiz on his level of inebriation. It was very much obvious that he was wasted. Richard slurred, then he sobbed as well and then he insisted he did not do anything wrong as he was led the away with handcuffs.


The things did not get much better slowly; it became worse for the former TV police officer when he got to the station. The actor continued crying, and he claimed that he was being singled out because he is famous.

Then the situation was more or less like this only there, and the things were very much the same. The actor continued saying to the cops or the police there that he did not do anything wrong. But the actor was so much drunk, and he could not even understand what the cops were saying him, or what they were asking him to do when he was in handcuffs.

The actor continued the same way which did not seem good one should not do so much of drugs which will affect their mind and their body as well they should do everything in a limit so that they don’t face any difficulty or any such bad scene later on.