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Return Of One Red Dead Character In Red Dead Redemption 3


There might be a possibility of the return of a dead character in the third season of Red Dead Redemption from the second season.

Red dead redemption 2 is a classic for Rockstar games that seems like a new entry followed in the third season. Since RDR2 is the sequel of the original, it will be interesting to see how the next game is manifest. It could possibly lie somehow in mid of the two games.


Jack Marston in the character in both the parts so we are assuming his appearance in the third part as well. Both the redemption games have featured protagonists with one following the lead of the other.

In RDR1 that Jack Marston heeded by his son and in RDR2 it’s Arthur Morgan followed by John Marston. A character called Sadie Adler could fulfill the role of a secondary character in the sequels.

What About Sadie Adler

The last appearance od Sadie Adler was at John and Abigal’s wedding. It is assumed that after that she left for South America, later joined Charles Smith in the RDR2 to survive and grow herself.

She has never mentioned in the original version and her story is yet unknown. This could give her a chance to return to RDR3 at Jack’s side. She shared a close relationship with Arthur and John.

Her exact age is not revealed in the games but she was married to Jake Adler in September 1896. So we suppose her to be in late teenage that is in her early 30s or her mid-40s by the end of RDR1.

Sadie Adler Return In Red Dead Redemption

The hard question is how all this will be implemented. Maybe she comes back to the United States to pay a visit to John or to find Jake, or she could be chasing Bounty Hunter or looking for him after hearing about John’s death.

There is a lot for this game to explore and as stated earlier Sadie is a blank page she could be put off any possible way.

It would be fascinating to see how she has changed after escaping from a Dutch gang and if she developed some maternal bond with Jake.


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