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Restaurant to Another World- Season 3

restraurant to another world season 3

Isekai Shokud, also known as Restaurant to Another World, is a Japanese anime series based on the same-named light novel series and manga. The story was written by Junpei Inuzuka and drawn by Katsumi Enami.


On Saturdays, an ordinary restaurant changes into a magical dining gateway, bringing clients to another world populated by elves, dragons, and other wonderful creatures to enjoy delicious cuisine.

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In a blog post in 2016, the author first mentioned that it was being adapted into an anime series. The show’s first season premiered in 2017, and it was renewed for a second season in 2021. The anime series consists of 24 popular episodes. This is why viewers of the program are interested in whether or not

Is Restaurant to Another World Set to Return for a Season 3?

The second season concluded that December. The show’s future is still uncertain. Nonetheless, the anime series is quite popular, and many of its fans are hoping that the light novel will be released soon.

The publication rights to the works have been purchased by Seven Seas Entertainment. Seven Seas Publisher Jason DeAngelis said of the planned publication of this engaging book, “We’ve greatly expanded our light novel line this year, and we’re happy to add this lovely series to our 2019 releases.”

I’m thrilled to be translating the original narrative of Restaurant to Another World, which inspired an anime.

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The Plotline of Restaurant to Another World Season 3

In the first season of the animated series, it was a pretty close adaptation of the manga’s first volume. Two chapters were converted into one episode. Many branches, however, were eliminated.

The anime’s second season, like the first, was based on previously released manga and light novel volumes.

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According to Anime Geek, the sixth volume of the light novel series was adapted for the second season’s last two episodes. One thing is certain: if it is revived, we can anticipate the same wacky plot, if not the same chapter adaptations, as in the original series. Fans of the anime will be pleased, as will readers of the tale.

Restaurants to Another World Season 3 Cast and Characters

Characters from the first and second seasons are likely to return for a third season, provided one exists.

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Restaurant to Another World Season 3: Release Date

There is yet to be an announcement of a new season. Studios are already scheduled for years in advance for anime projects. The anime version of Restaurant to Another World was also worked on by two additional studios. The following season cannot be issued until 2025 because to the three-year delay between the first and second seasons.

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The restaurant based on the popular light novel series, Isekai Shokudo, is also known as Restaurant To Another World. Since its inception, LN has only issued six boxed volumes, the most recent of which was released in October.

The remaining two episodes of the second season were made accessible to viewers in December. Following the adaptation sequence, the last episodes used material from volume six.

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