Resident Evil 3 trailer gives you a delightfully terrifying new look at the remake’s starring character


A new Resident Evil 3 trailer provides you a delightfully terrifying new look in the remake’s starring personality. I don’t mean Jill Valentine, ” I mean that the angry bioweapon who’s probably extra mad his name isn’t in the name. While we have a peek at the power of Nemesis in the trailer in December, this video shows off a mix of gameplay and cutscenes to demonstrate his capabilities. Just imagine a flamethrower could have boosted his possible if you believed that the Tyrant from Resident Evil 2 was a jerk.

Back then he can just attack Jill at set points of this narrative, although his name was earned by nemesis in the original Resident Evil 3. Capcom has confirmed the remake’s Nemesis will be built on a better version of the Tyrant’s AI out of Resident Evil 2, permitting him to hunt you down all across Raccoon City – and because his sole goal is killing members of this S.T.A.R.S. team, you might have a difficult time shaking him. Did I mention that Nemesis has a laser-guided rocket launcher?

Besides the new and enhanced Mr. Stompy, the trailer gives us a few lines of dialogue from Jill along with the new and additional hirsute Carlos Oliveira. They are recognizable characters, but they might go to unexpected places, as Capcom has also confirmed that Resident Evil 3 will accompany its source material less tightly than Resident Evil 2. Considering that many fans consider Nemesis to be the point at which the Resident Evil series started to jump the shark, that is probably a fantastic call.

Resident Evil 3 will hit PC, Ps4, and Xbox One on April 3 this year. It will also comprise that online horror game Job Resistance, which the initial sure did not.