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Resident Evil 3 Remake: Other monsters that should appear in it




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Capcom confirms that some of the monsters set to appear in Resident Evil 3 remake, but here are some of the monsters that we want to see.

Crimson Head Zombies

The first of the three monsters on the list are existing creatures from the other Resident Evil games, and headlining it are the Crimson Head Zombies which were introduced back in 2002’s remake of Resident Evil. These creatures had started as plain old zombies but they are mutations of zombies and they are faster, deadlier, and imposes a greater threat to the players.

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In terms of the gameplay, the Crimson Heads made resource management even more difficult in Resident Evil given that taking down zombies doesn’t just cost the players bullets, but also gasoline, which is required to burn the corpses of zombies.


Ever the introduction of Lickers in Resident Evil 2, they became one of the most feared and most popular enemies in the franchise. Almost similar to Crimson Heads, Lickers are mutations from severely injured zombies, but this mutation is caused by separate t-virus strain. They are known for their largely exposed brain and their long tongues.

Giant Moth

This is yet another creature that had made its debut in Resident Evil 2. This monster is a bioweapon that was developed by Umbrella, and its research was conducted in the NEST Underground Facility. The Giant Moth also made its appearance in Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Survivor.


Now that the subsequent creatures that are featured on this list are monsters that were developed by Capcom for other Resident Evil games that did not make the final cut. Headlining the list is the ultra-creepy Spiderman, which is in a monster design that was rejected during the Resident Evil O.

Well, we hope the best for the entire team and wish them luck for their upcoming game.

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