Resident Evil 3 Remake Cutting Fan Favorite Feature

The Resident Evil 3 will not include Live Selection, a feature in the original that let the players change the narrative by making tough and timed decisions.

The upcoming game Resident Evil 3 remake is removing Live Selection, a timed decision-making system that many of the fans would fondly remember from the original.

Capcom had revealed the new release of Resident Evil last month and it would cut the original’s Mercenaries mode, which put the players in fast-paced scenarios in the role of a mercenary trying to escape a stage as quickly as possible.

The cut content is not going to be the only change to the new version of the game. A trailer for the game showed off the makeover that the Nemesis is getting for the game and now leaked screenshots have revealed the Grave Digger- a terrifying subterranean boss who is returning from the original Resident Evil 3.

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While some of the fans may be disappointed to hear that Mercenaries mode is disappearing, the remake is getting what might be an even better option in its place.

Resident Evil Resistance, the multiplayer game was just revealed last year, and it turned out to actually be a mode within Resident Evil 3 rather than its own game.

There seems to be no consolation prize for those who were looking forward to exploring their choices in Resident Evil 3 with live selection. In the pivotal moments of the game, the players have a choice of what to do next and forced them to decide on a tight time limit which led to multiple endings.

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While the decision to stick with one canonical narrative may tighten up the story overall, it does remove some of the tension from the original.

Let us hope the best for the entire team and wish them success for the upcoming game and hope that the fans like it.

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