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Resident Evil 3 How to defeat the villain hunter Gamma monsters the fans should know


Now, facing the intimidating Gamma Hunters in Resident Evil 3 is very difficult and also a frustrating task to do. This below there will be a guide which will help the fans to know more about how to kill the monsters.

The Resident Evil series is also known as for the two things, zombies and their horrifying creatures. Pitting the players against the monsters ranging for a giant Alligator to the very final form of the villain William Birkin. The Resident Evil 3 provides a variety of different enemies to face including the infamous, Hunters. Deadlier than their comparable creatures, the Lickers, Hunters are also bipedal monsters which can also defeat a player in a few hits.


And now adding, onto their already dangerous qualities, is their counterparts, the Gamma Hunters are the monsters that is one of the most dangerous monsters in the entire game. These creatures are also capable of dishing out one-hit kills on the players and also provide dangerous setbacks in any of the player’s journey. This guide will also be providing some of the essential tips to defeat the creature.

The main weakness of the Gamma Hunters is their largemouth. As it begins to attack Jill it will rush at the titular hero with their mouth wide open charging the protagonist in the hopes for devouring her. While it chases her, this will be the main opportunity to take down the large villain.

Shooting the creature’s thick thigh hide will simply case the players to waste precious ammo on the enemy. However, when shooting its mouth open, the Gamma hunter takes considerably more damage then the players should try this.

So now being able to shoot in the mouth, dodging their attack and then continuing your offence is one of the best ways to deal with the dangerous monster and also kill it in a smart way rather than wasting a lot of bullets in it.

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