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Resident Evil 3: How to add mods in the Gameplay

Adding mods to Resident Evil 3 can be a way of fun to add new mechanics and concepts to the game. Playing the game is a nostalgia-filled experience that will leave most of the fans feeling rewarded and excited about the whole experience. With the addition of Resident Evil Resistance, the players will have all kinds of content to keep themselves satisfied.

How to add mods in the Gameplay in Resident Evil 3

How to add mods in the Gameplay in Resident Evil 3-4

Adding mods is always an excellent way to make Resident Evil 3 a more fun and an enjoyable experience. There are all kinds of mods ranging from the helpful to the intriguing to the ridiculous.

Adding mods to the game has also become easier than ever as long as the players have a decent PC setup.

Downloading and installing mods is relatively simple, the players will just need to ensure that they have a decent mod manager installed in their computer.

One of the most popular mod managers for Resident Evil 3 remake is Fluffy Manager 5000 and can be downloaded from Nexus.

This manager will allow the players to install many different kinds of mods and even make some if they are so inclined.

How to add mods in the Gameplay in Resident Evil 3-6

To gain access to this mod players will just need to download and extract the mod manager’s files. Players should then ensure that none of their PAK files in RE3 are modified.

Those that are unsure can just right click on the game in Steam and press “verify file integrity”. Players can then just run the mod manager and select RE3 as its game. To run mods players just need to drag and drop downloaded mods onto the Mod Manager window.

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