Republicans in Texas Country have taken an unusual step.

Texas state flag and flag for the Republic of Texas, known as the Lone Star.

The Republican Party in Texas Country is planning on making a highly unusual move.

It is planning to conduct its own election during the state, primary in March, whilst breaking away from a nonpartisan county election board.


Rogers said, “I don’t know, that’s the problem. I don’t know if it’s accurate.” When he was asked if the election results were valid nationwide.

The Texas Secretary of State’s Legal Department, overseeing state elections, appointed by Republican Governor Greg Abbott, has expressed some concerns about the move.

“Whenever the party holds its own elections rather than contracting with the county, it causes confusion for voters,” said Assistant Secretary of State’s Legal Department.

She still, he added, “Ultimately it’s their decision to do it alone.”

Potter County Election Director Melin Huntley said “I am  surprised by Rogers’ decision and am most worried about the possibility of facilitating two votes”

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The County Election Commission is responsible for the absentee and early voting that the majority of Texas voters use to vote, under State Law.

However, experts say the two systems can complicate the process and make it easier for voters to vote twice.