Remake Your Life Season 2: Can We Expect Another Season?

Remake Your Life Season 2

A new year brings a lot of new things into our life. Last year has already passed and people are cherishing the new year with new things and resolutions that they need to fulfill in order to become happy. Somewhere this shows how we regret things that we have committed in our life and how we are looking to make things to get done. Something similar happens in the ‘Remake Your Life’ anime series. After the show brings out the progressive story of the character’s life, the fans positively respond towards the show. However, as the show came to its final ending, fans are getting more deviated more towards its second season. Remake Your Life Season 2 is one of the most requested anime series at the time and fans are looking forward to its future updates. 

Remake Your Life or Bokutachi no Remake revolves around a teenage boy who is a passionate gamer and even developed games. In the era, where digital things are getting more convenient and the viewers are more attracted to such content, the creators of Bokutachi no Remake have tried to make a similar environment that follows the same theme to look for the anime series. 


Since we can’t change our past, we estimate our future to get better. But what happens if someone actually told you that you can go back to your past and change things accordingly, will you do it? I don’t know whether you will accept the offer but  Kyouya happens to do something similar. What actually happens? Read this article till the end and find out everything that can happen in the future. Also, let’s take a look at the series and find out if there will be Remake Your Life Season 2 or not.

Remake Your Life: What is it About?

Remake Your Life Season 2

Remake Your Life is a Japanese anime series that is actually inspired by a Japanese manga series. Like many anime shows, this one also took the initial popularity from its manga phase because it was already popular way back the release of the anime series. 

Written by Nachi Kio, the manga was initially released in 2017. Later, the feel studio saw the popularity of the series and decided to adopt the show into an anime. While the decision was made earlier, the release took a lot of time considering the early announcement. 

The audience waited for 4 years to watch their favorite anime series. But on the other hand, the wait was worth it and fans completely loved the anime series that was developed by the studio. 

Remake Your life got a lot of praise and appreciation from the fans. The storyline is progressive through the first seasons and relatively ends with a cliffhanger after the series ends. Surely, nobody actually likes such shows which have drastic endings and that’s the reason why the audience is actually luring over the release of the second season. Is it happening? Continue your reading the article to find out.

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Remake Your Life Season 2: What will be the future possibility of the Show?

Remake Your Life Season 2 updates

The first season was released in 2021, so technically there is not much time passed for the officials to release any announcement. At the time of writing, there is no single announcement regarding the second season. 

Neither the officials nor the studio has revealed any particular thing regarding the possibility of another season. However, multiple threads are there which could possibly tell why there are chances for Remake your Life Season 2 to happen. The first and the foremost is how the season delivers its storyline. If you have watched the final episode of the anime series, you would know that the series ended on a cliffhanger. As this happens, there are possibly a lot of chances that the show makers could release another season. 

On the other hand, Remake your Life is one of the 2021 remarkable shows that happened to be accepted positively both by the fans and the critics. Since the show holds much more popularity than its initial manga series days, there is no reason why the creators don’t want to expand the show. 

Thirdly, the officials are already alluring over the series. The writer is enthusiastically releasing the future chapters and so far he has already released several new volumes that are more than enough for the show to release another season. With such a huge source material and the availability of it is enough for the show to actually bring back the show into the light. 

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Remake Your Life Season 2: When is it going to Premiere?

Remake Your Life Season 2

There is no release date announced by the officials. The officials have kept their mouths shut for the topic of the second season. However, the audience is confirmed that there will be another season. 

One of the major things that happened this year was the number of anime series that were released. As the number was huge, we believe that there will be more season renewal for the fans. Particularly for Feel, Remake your Life Season 2 is a must to have show because the studio gets one of its best dramas this year. 

We believe that there will be Remake your Life Season 2 and there is a huge possibility for the show to happen because of the available source material. Anime series generally take time to make another season because of how much time it’s required. For the case of Remake your Life Season 2, the first season has typically ended recently and the creators would take time to think about the show and all the other things. 

If everything goes fine, we can see the show to be back at the end of 2022 or might be at the starting of 2023. As for now, there is no release date and we are just estimating the release date. Once the officials confirm this, we’ll make sure to let you know. 

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Remake Your Life Season 2: What can we expect with the Plotline?

As the last season delivers an unclear storyline, we believe in the future of the show. though, if it happens, we’ll see  Kyouya as the main lead. In the season finale,  Kyouya decided to rethink his life decision. As he is now a grown-up guy who is unemployed, he was thinking of the things where he went wrong. His poor life decisions are the actual reason behind his life now. 

As he woke up one day, he realized that he wasn’t the same Kyouya, but actually his 10-year younger Kyouyo. With his sudden life-changing, we see how he decided to change his life and pursue good things so that he can’t be the same poor Kyouya. . Thousands of incidents happened and we came across what could happen with his future.

Meanwhile,  Kyouya finds out that his friends are not as cheerful in their life and they are not pursuing the things that they have loved over the 10 years. Shin has completely lost her interest in the art and seeing this makes Kyouyo worried. Over the episodes, he tries to fix the problems of his friends and as they are not pursuing the things that they are good at. 

The series unfolds the regrets and the wrong decision that ultimately makes the wrong consequences in our life. The fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the second season.

We are waiting for more updates to come to us so that we can make sure everything gets back to you on time. Keep this article as a bookmark and keep checking this page to get to know about all the recent happenings.