Red Dead Redemption 2 Game Pro Controller Texture Sparks Hopes of Switch Port


An in-game image of the Nintendo Switch Pro controller was recently received by fans discussing the possibility of a Red Dead Redemption 2 switch port. salient to a sponsion about a probabilistic Red Dead Redemption 2 switch port. Red Dead Redemption 2 PC port released in November 2019.

A good idea might be ridiculous for Nintendo’s hybrid-handheld system for Red Dead Redemption 2 as a game with graphics, but it won’t be the first blind game to jump. Bethesda and Panic Button produced a large 2016 Dome port on the Switch in 2017, and the 2020 sequel to the game, Dome: Eternal, is planned to be released on the system as well.


CD Projekt Red recently released The Witcher 3 On Switch, which largely proves that Western open-world games can fit on Nintendo’s latest console.

Twitter user Tez2 shared an image of the Red Dead Redemption 2 UI-style Nintendo Switch Pro controller, which was found in the game’s files. Some users responded to Tez2 expressing confusion and excitement about the possibility of a switch port, but others were more confused.

A poll by Racetra later asked users on the platform what the image meant to them, and most voters agreed it was the most likely to have nothing to do with the switch port. Instead, most thought it meant just Rockstar or were planning to opt for Steam’s switch controller support.

Even though the steam switch does not support controllers, other factors do not make the possibility of a Red Dead switch port possible. This Witcher 3 had to achieve significant graphical downgrade to make the switch port work – and the game is older than DOOM.

While Witcher 3 was terrible for the 2015 game, Red Dead Redemption 2 of 2018 had the benefit of three years of progress in development. It is possible that Rockstar could essentially crank all graphics sliders to its lowest setting, but fitting larger and more recent games on a switch would mean cutting more corners than graphical ones.

However, the last hope for the Red Dead switch port could be the introduction of a Switch Pro model. Rumors and speculation about the possibility of a more powerful switch modification have been going on for some time.

Nintendo’s hybrid console appears to be surpassing the 15 million units sold by October 2019 – it only makes sense that the Nintendo console Wants to keep For as long as possible.

Among the possible switches, Pro features, more powerful CPUs, and better screen Red Dead Redemption 2 can help make the switch port slightly less potato-y.