Reasons Why Woody Harrelson Is Perfect For Carnage And Some Legit Concerns


While most consider that Spider-Man to be Venom’s greatest foe, nothing quite compares to the sheer horror of the Carnage.

Every superhero or antihero has that one villain, that rival who is also equally as amazing as the protagonist to provide both the physical and psychological threat.


Some of the examples are Batman as Joker, Daredevil has Bullseye, and the Fantastic Four has Doctor Doom. While most of us consider Spider-Man to be the Venom’s greatest foe, there is another adversary out there and he has the world buzzing for the sequel.

Some of the reasons why Woody Harrelson is perfect for Carnage:

Andy Serkis Exactly Know How To Work With Woody

Andy Serkis Exactly Know How To Work With Woody: With the incredibly talented Andy Serkis as the director of the Venom sequel, it would not be the first time that these men worked together.

Woody Harrelson earned lots of praise for his villainous role in War For The Planet Of The Apes and would likely work well with Serkis in the director role.

Sony Might Make Carnage Too Comedic

Sony Might Make Carnage Too Comedic: While most of the fans also enjoyed between Eddie Brock and Venom in their first film, there is also some concern that Sony Pictures will push to make Carnage more comedic than horrifying to the rival Venom.

Out Of The Furnace Showed Woody’s Dark Side

Out Of The Furnace Showed Woody’s Dark Side: Carnage would not be Woody’s first dabble into the role of creepy and also menacing villain as shown with his role in the 2013’s Out Of The Furnace when we saw that his character was dark and twisted individual which also made audiences feel threatened by in their seats.

They Might Focus More On The Human Side Than The Symbiote

They Might Focus More On The Human Side Than The Symbiote: While we see Cletus Kasady is a threatening presence as a human, there is most hope that Woody and Serkis find a very good balance between him as a human and a bloodthirsty symbiote.

Woody’s face would sell many tickets but some great reception will almost certainly come from Carnage himself.