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Reason Why Steven Spielberg Has Stepped Out Of Directing Jurassic Park 3

Steven Spielberg the man behind Jurassic Park to become a big sensation has stepped down from it forever. Check this out to know the reasons.

Directors who have directed these movies :

The first two movies set the standards as they were directed by the all-time number one Steven Spielberg. Then the third part was directed by Joe Johnston. 

Then Jurassic World was directed by Colin Trevorrow. Even now he is signed himself to direct the sixth and final movie of this franchise Jurassic World: Dominion. In 2018 The Jurassic World: Dominion was directed by J.A Bayona. He becomes the fourth director of this franchise.

Reason for his stepdown :

After the second part of Jurassic Park, The Lost World has become a box office sensation with 618.6 million dollars worldwide, Jurassic Park III was inevitable. 

But Steven Spielberg has given out the word as a promise for director Joe Johnston to direct the sequel. But even after that Steven Spielberg never came back to his role of directorate reason was started by himself.

His life for darker dramas was increasing. With his sensation, Schindler’s list which won the best picture. He was quite sure of proceeding with these darker dramas than lighter blockbuster fare.

This was seen right after 14 months of his Lost World after the release of his weighty movies Amistad and Saving Private Ryan. Further to that, he stated that it is quite tough for him to direct anymore Jurassic Park franchise movies. 

As it involves juggled animatronics, CGI, tropical weather which wasn’t Steven Spielberg was looking was. So he finally took a stand to take Jurassic Park franchise movies anymore.

So these are the reasons for Jurrasic Park Franchise miss out on the world’s best director to make it the sequel. 

No matter whatever is done to the film, nothing can bring the original magic that Steven Spielberg brought in his first two parts.

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