Raya And The Last Dragon: Expected Release Date, What Is Storyline? And Other Detail

Raya And The Last Dragon Expected Release Date, What Is Storyline And Other Detail

Raya And The Last Dragon has been part of our mythical stories since times immemorial, but to this day we have no evidence of their existence other than their seemingly closest relatives, the dinosaurs. Nonetheless, dragons always make any story a fascinating one.

The latest addition to the dragon world will soon be a Disney movie titled Raya and The Last Dragon. Surprisingly, it will be Walt Disney Animation Studios’ first original animated movie since Moana that released in 2016. Also, it will feature Disney’s first Southeast Asian princess. There seem to be a lot of reasons to be excited about it and Disney fans know it. So, let’s dig deeper into other details.

Raya And The Last Dragon Hit The Big Screens?

Raya And The Last Dragon

The 59th addition to the long list of movies by the studio was announced at Disney’s D23 convention in 2018. Initially, it was meant to release in November this year. However, global health adversity forced the movie to be shifted to March 2021.

Plot Of The Show

The film is set in a fictional setting called Kumara. A reimagined earth coupled with ancient civilizations where dragons still exist. The dragons are venerated by the people who are a rarity to find. Our protagonist, Raya, embarks on an adventure to find out the last dragon.

Cast And Production

Raya and The Last Dragon is directed by Paul Briggs and Dean Wellins and co-directed by John Ripa. The writer for the movies is Adele Lim, a Malaysian born, US-based screenwriter, who also co-wrote Crazy Rich Asians.

Cassie Steele will be the voice behind Raya and Nora Lum, professionally known as Awkwafina as Sisu – A water dragon who can transform into a human.


There is no trailer or teaser yet for the movie but a trailer is expected to drop very soon.