Ray J and Princess Love gave birth to their second child!


The regal family of Hip Hop and love: Hollywood just got somewhat greater. Ray J, 38, and Princess Love, 35 gave birth to their fresh out of the box new boy baby, in light of Ray’s most up to date video uploaded on YouTube on 30th of December: a video titled “RAY J EXCLUSIVE FAMILY VIDEO (NEW BABY ALERT).”

Ray additionally showered Princess with some love on platform Twitter, stating, “I love you @mzprincesslove so happy with you. Strongest woman on the planet and the mother of my children. ❤️” The finish of the video shows Ray equipping in scours and Princess being wheeled into an emergency clinic passageway to give birth to their second child.


Ray J and Princess Love

This extraordinary news comes after a tad of ongoing strife between these two, and it appeared the couple stopped their quarreling sufficiently long to praise the way that their one-year-old little girl, Melody Love Norwood whom an enormous bit of the video above was committed to being currently an elder sibling with the arrival of her baby brother. In the photos of the post announcing the special moment, everyone was wearing coordinating outfits with the girl wearing a t-shirt saying, big sister.

Princess Love and Ray J got married to one another in 2016 in August following four years of being together as a couple. They gave birth to their first baby, little girl Melody, in May in the year 2018. About a large portion of a year later, Princess realized that one would not be sufficient. A source revealed that she was at that point saying that she needed another child when she was as yet pregnant with Melody.