Another super hero played so many good roles in his till now career.

Ever since Sandeep Reddy Vanga announced his next film or project “Devil” there was a very much buzz around who would he sign up for the film.


Initial reports say or suggest that he had approached Ranbir Kapoor for the role that he had thought for and it is also said that the actor had even shown interest in the subject.

upcoming crime drama.

The role that the director thought for Ranbir is said to be as dark as Joaquin Pheonix’s Joker, which is why the actor Ranbir is having doubts and even having second thoughts.

Some sources close to the actor says that although the actor liked the script the actor is not very much sure that the audience will accept him or not, in such a negative role.

The controversies surrounding the movie Kabir Singh may also have had a role in Ranbir’s hesitation.

There have been rumors that after Ranbir’s no Prabhas has been offered the role of the movie and we think that he might be doing it.

However, we do not know that he has accepted it or not that this is not known by anyone until now.

But it is a job for them or for the actors to entertain us by their acting skills. To whoever the director selects we know that the actor will rock the role.

His latest hit movie Kabir Singh was a very good one and it was loved by so many fans. The script too looks good and awesome now the only thing for the fans is to wait.