Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk reveals the reason behind why he thought the new season “going to be a disaster”.

Bobby Berk a part of the series Queer Eye finally talks about his views on the new season of the series. He believed that the plot of the new season is going to be a total disaster.  In the recent season, the Fab Five is sent to Japan. The fifth season of the series premiered this month on Netflix. The season was totally 4 episodes long and titled as Queer Eye: We’re in Japan.


While filming the season in Japan, the interior designer expert Bobby and the other crew though that this is literally going to be a disaster. It was not expected from the new season to be any good to the series. Later Bobby explained that working in Japan was not that easy. It was a challenge for all of us to complete the season there. The working style in Japan was totally different.

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Queer Eye Season 5

The scenes during the shooting in Japan

If we see the show making from the eyes of an interior designer, it was a damn tough job for the team. The shooting in Japan required a lot more planning, time and a lot of money. All the other seasons of the show were filmed in US so it was totally a  new experience for the cast too. In fact, it seems as if the team is working on a new project. Bobby thinks that the main challenge for the shooting was the cultural difference between Japan and the United States.

The other big problem was the language difference. The work was quite tough because people there has a different tongue. And working through a translator always was not an appropriate option for the team. Everyone thought that it is going to be totally impossible to connect to a person through a different person i.e. translator. Well, it was definitely hard to carry out the shooting there but it was overall a fun to the shooting.

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In fact, later on the whole cast credited the translator for the overall work. No doubt, he was a helping hand and some how the most important one to the team. It all happened finally and the new season is out now. In fact, the season 6 is on the way too, with it’s 10 episodes.

Queer Eye is available on Netflix.

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